February 24, 2006


Yup, this blog takes off and not just because the Ya-Ya-yah logo looks like the logo of an airline. LOL
Anyway, this blog will actually be just the updates page of a Ya-Ya-yah section in my website -which had sunk like the Titanic and laid in the bottom of the deep waters of my hard disk and I'm in the process of... refloating, so to say. :-)
Today we'll start with a video clip and a gallery of photographs of Shoon and Taiyo. If you'd like to accompany me on this trip, courtesy of Ya3 Airlines (LOL) please come this way. If you find all this too freaky, perhaps you should go back my personal blog. XD


P.S.: As you can see this is still heavily under construction. ^^


Mikyma said...

Suerte con esta frikada de bitácora!

Irea said...

¡Gracias, Mikyma! ^___^ ¡Saludos frikis! XDDD