June 22, 2006

another Shoon & Taiyô CM

Hey everyone! ^____^
I have a lovely surprise for you today. First I'd like to thank Tanktop11 from the Up&Down Ya-Ya-yah LJ community for the tip about this new version of the Benesse commercial with Shoon and Taiyô. =)
Yes, there's a new version of it! It's not available for downloading at the Benesse site, but I happen to have this little program that enables you to download even undownloadable videos *cackles evilly* so I managed to download it and I've uploaded it to Megaupload for all of you. To download it click here. I uploaded it as well to my YouTube account, so you can watch it below while it downloads. ^___^ Enjoy.

P.S.: Okay, I admit it: I'm downright jealous of the girl on the CM. XD

1 comment:

Yui said...

okays, first i wanna tell you..
I have been visiting your ya ya yah dedicated blog for like about a week already. And i've just finish reading your fanfic til where you've stop, yesterday night.

Yes, i dont quite like fanfic but i must admit the one you wrote was REALLY BEAUTIFUL! i love the way you describe shoon and the way he suffered from all the pain! ahhhhhhh! it just made me love shoon more~~ *though it's a fanfic* XD

and lastly,
thanks for visiting my blog^ ^*