June 30, 2006

Jin and Yabu

Sometimes I've wondered if Jin's fondness for Yabu was sincere or if it was something for the cameras... Seems it's sincere. ^___^ This is a fancam video clip I found on YouTube in which you can see Jin holding Yabu's cheeks when they were in Thailand a few years ago. So cute!


Yui said...

jin is very very fond of yabu
Jin himself said that he nearly called yabu's mum to ask if he could adopted yabu as his little brother. so yah... XD

Mei said...

Hi Irea-san ^___^
Remember me ? >[]<
" Jin holding Yabu's cheeks "
*scream* kawaii ne~ like a sweetheart 555+

Anonymous said...

it's a rumour in my community that Jin has a fond like this bcuz Jin like Yabu's sister, Kokoro, and want her to be his GF!!