June 21, 2006

Shoon gets more exposure

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I'm a happy fangirl today. I completed part 9 of my Ya-Ya-yah fanfic, Bokura no Secret, I'm pretty happy with it, and Shoon's been getting more exposure lately on Ya-Ya-yah's TV show. ^____^ It seems finally somebody has realized that this amazing guy doesn't deserve to be in the background. ;-) In one of the latest TV episodes he got recognized on the street by a mother and daughter who totally ignored Hikaru. LOL Now, I love Hikaru, but it served right to the big bosses who seemed to be trying to make Ya-Ya-yah only Yabu and Hikaru. Then we also had that wonderful commercial with Shoon and Taiyô, and in the latest TB show episode Ya-Ya-yah performed a new song, summerxsummerxsummer, in which Shoon gets to sing some solo lines, some together with Hikaru (yay!, they sound great together), he gets to do some cool rap (God, I LOVE that part ^o^) and a little dancing on his own in front of the other three. Now I'd like Taiyô to get a little more exposure too, but then he's the youngest, so he still has plenty of time ahead. =) This performance can be downloaded at the videos section now.

I also uploaded a couple of adorable old, Shoon video clips to YouTube: clip 1, clip 2, and two new high quality TV show episodes, so go to the videos section and get them. ^___^

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh, I want to watch the video of him getting recognized on the street, but the video was taken down :'( . Do you have the dl?

I really don't understand why Shoon can't have the spotlight. He is the oldest and the most popular (as can be seen the the number of comments on the web/youtube).