July 13, 2006

Bokura no Secret news

I know you all want to kill me because I haven't updated yet T____T but I haven't yet finished part 10. *cries* It's proving to be the most difficult one to write. I'm behind schedule, behind with work, behind with answering the comments (and yes, I mean to answer all, as always)... What a mess. U__U Anyway, I really feel awful for keeping you waiting like this, so even though I'd rather post the whole chapter when it's finished, I'll post the first couple of scenes here. They're short, but it's better than nothing I guess. ^^U

I'm rather chaotic as a writer sometimes, and I started writing part 10 in order, but then I felt a strong urge to write the last scene, and I'm still working on it -it's already over 7 pages long! O__O That happens too often, that the scenes I plan usually come out longer than expected.

Anyway... this post is for those of you who have told me you're really impatient to know what will happen. ^^ I'll be posting at my LJ the next scenes I finish and when I have the chapter completed I'll post it at JENT fanfics and at the absolute-baka forums. If you can hold your impatience, though, I advise you to wait for the chapter to be completed and not to read the scenes I'll be posting today.

Please come this way if you want to read the first 2 scenes of part 10.

P.S.: In case you missed the last update, you'll want to know that I posted some ShoonxYabu "evidence" here and also gave you some "homework" for part 10, namely learning about a certain someone who was very special to Shoon.


Tsz said...

I am the one be coming impatience and I want to kill you *laught*
Ya... I am here to tell you that I am finishing Part1~~XD
I didn't post it into my webpage yet but I post it in a forum, and here the link of Part1: http://littjr.childrenchoir.com/viewthread.php?tid=3616&extra=page%3D1
Later after I post in my webpage you may post it here^^

Eva said...

¿Estás escribiendo un fic yaoi de Ya3? O.O Waaaaaaaa, ahora mismo voy a leerme el primer capítulo, aunque bueno, yo soy más de Yabu x Yaotome / Shoon x Taiyo, pero bueno, Yabu y Shoon son con diferencia, los más monos del grupo y hacen una pareja muy cute ^^. Además, me da la impresión de que es un fic bastante largo, complejo y bien desarrollado, así que lo leeré aún con más ganas (me encanta la buena literatura *-*). Ya me leo el primer cap y te digo que me parece, ¿vale? ^^

Un besito

神ちゃん said...

You know, J.K.Rowling completed the final chapter of the last book in the Harry Potter series years ago, before she wrote all the rest. So maybe next time you should try that too.

LOL, sorry! Not being mean, just teasing you a bit. I won't start reading part 10 until it's finished, I can hold my patience that long. I hope. ^__^

Take your time. Don't let people rush you unless they pay for your work. ;-)

Irea said...

Okay, when you've posted it at your site tell me and I'll tell put a link here. ^____^ As you can see I mention you in today's post as well. ;-)

Bueno, no quiero llamarlo "yaoi" porque no tiene sexo. XD Lo llamo "boy love", lo que sería "shounen ai", vaya. ;-)

¿Te lo has empezado a leer? Espero que te guste. ^____^ Como verás en la entrada de hoy una chica de Hong Kong lo está traduciendo al chino. Estoy emocionada. *___*

yo soy más de Yabu x Yaotome / Shoon x Taiyo
Esteeee... pues yo ShoonxTaiyo soy capaz de imaginarlo, pero YabuxHikaru... @__@UUU Nop, no puedo. XDDDDD Será que a Yabu lo quiero sólo para Shoon. XDDDD Curiosamente en cambio en China la mayoría de los fanfics son YabuxHikaru.

Sí, el fic es larguísimo, más largo que un día sin pan. XD Hija, yo creía que iba a escribir como mucho veinte páginas y ya voy por las 100! XD Esto se está convirtiendo en un culebrón. XDDD

True, I should have followed Rowling's example. XD By the way are you a Heron or a Harmonian? I'm Harmonian all the way and I hated HBP. >__<

Take your time. Don't let people rush you unless they pay for your work. ;-)
That's sound advice. I should heed it. ;-)