July 04, 2006

gorgeousness overload

Edit 3: Please forgive me: I thought I had updated the videos section yesterday night and I hadn't ^^UUU It is updated now. Gomen nasai.

Edit 2: In the treasure box you can now find last Sunday's TV show, the performance, plus last Sunday's SC performance and the "tegami wo kakimashô" section as well. =) Enjoy.

Edit: in case the video clip below takes too long for you to load, here you can dowload a wmv version of it while I upload the mpg one, which is better quality.

I don't think I can be very coherent now as I'm suffering from gorgeousness overload after watching Shoon's solo BadxNice from last Sunday's TV show. Honestly, how can somebody be so talented, sweet, gentle, intelligent, handsome... *_____* okay, I'll stop there. LOL

Enjoy Shoon's gorgeousness in all its glory. LOL I'm uploading the TV show and the whole performance (including a great blues song by Hikaru and a bit of summerx3 at the end) to Megaupload, so I'll post the links later. ;-)

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