August 18, 2006

BnS - Part 10 [FINAL]

I've finished the last part of BnS! ^___^ It's longer than any of the previous parts: about 40 pages long! @___@ and there's humour, drama, loads of romance, and things even get a little epic at a certain point. ;-) You'll learn about Shoon's cute sleeping habits, which are, oh, so convenient for the story LOL, hear more of Massu...

Anyway, I wanted to thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for having been such faithful readers, for having encouraged me to continue the story -this is the first story I've managed to finish! ^___^ -, and for all the lovely comments you've left me for each part of the fic. I hope you'll like this last part, and please watch for updates, 'cause even though the story is over, I have more BnS-related things in store for you, like a ShoonxYabu fanvideo I'm making, polls (for I'd like to know who was your fave character, least fave character, and so on), more True/False quizzes...

Okay, now I'll shut up and let you read. I'm off to reply unanswered comments. ;-)

the last part of the fic

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August 10, 2006

Yamashita Bros.

[note: thanks Kami for telling me about this!]

The news are all over the place now. Shoon's younger brother is indeed part of JE now and his name is Reon, just as it was rumoured! ^___^ He's 14 and they look like two peas in a pod! O____O

In the profile pic Reon looks exactly like Shoon did a few years ago. As Luma pointed out in a comment on the Ya-Ya-yah community, the only differences are that Shoon's lips are fuller and the brows are a little different in shape too. Ah, he's just as cute as Shoon anyway. =)

I'm not sure it's fair for Reon that JE have made him have the exact same haircut Shoon had back then, though. He probably wants to be himself, not a clone of his onii-chan, though he DOES look like a clone. ^^U I really would like to see a picture of their parents. Their mother is probably beautiful. Sometimes I think Shoon is an elf in disguise. [left: Shoon when he was 13/14; right: Reon, who is now 14]

Don't you think it's really sweet that both their names have the -on kanji? ^.^* (Sho-on/Re-on) And I'm sure their names are japanized versions of Sean and Leon. Shoon himself wrote his name as "Sean" on the magic-scan episode, and I have a Japanese friend whose kanji name would be transcribed as Marie though it is pronounced Mah-ree-eh. Her mother gave her that name purposely because she's a Christian.

For those who haven't yet seen it, here's a pic of Shoon with Reon (they don't look so similar in this one)

And this is a curious pic I found on My Happy Town's BBS. It's a poster or collage (don't know which) of Johnny's Jr. Daibouken of this Summer, and... well, just look closely at the names of the groups and the pics. It's interesting. ^^

Atarashii_yoake posted a translation of Reon's profile at the Ya-Ya-yah community. Go check it! ;-)