September 19, 2006

Corn-kun XDDD

[edit]: a Korean visitor asked for the Hawaii pics, so here you are. =) Credits go to Little Junior Heaven forums. "Right-click" and "save as" to download the full-size pics. I think there's one missing though. =/


OHMYGOD! This is the funniest thing ever. About that clip from Sunday's show in which the guest called Shoon "Koon-kun"... well, after his explanation Koyama says: "toumorokoshi-tte koto?". I had no idea what toumorokoshi means, so I looked it up... and it's "corn" XDDDDD Koyama's words would mean something like "You mean "corn"?" I think. Actually I had thought they called him "Koon-kun" because it sounds similar to his name, but "koon" is the japanized form of the English word "corn" XDDDDD Now, why on earth do they call him that? ?___?


神ちゃん said...

Thanks a lot for those Hawaii pics. I know they're old but I have actually seen only 2 of them before.

And I always keep wondering what Inoo's right hand is doing in pic #4. Or his left hand, for that matter.

rin_3 said...

Thanks for posting these. 8D XDDDD