September 27, 2006

here comes the SUN

I'll post MU links for Sunday's show later or tomorrow, but for those who can't download from MU, here's a [SendsSpace link]. [197 MB - .wmv file]

I just watched last Sunday's live stage and it's great. Yabu starts singing Asu e, and they do something pretty cool on the screen with the kanjis that represent each member, then Hikaru sings Akogare no Egoist, then Taiyô sings Ai wa Nuudo, then Shoon sings BadxNice, and finally all together sing To the Freedom. I was a little sad for Taiyô having to sing that so very old solo he sang ages ago, but he totally surprised me. Go Taiyô! =D He danced a bit at the beginning and he did really well -it left me wanting to see him dance some more-, and I think he had a great stage presence. For some months now I've started to consider him the second handsomest in Ya3 after Shoon.

Yabu... has his moments. LOL Sometimes he looks really handsome, but at others he looks angry or evil, I don't know. ^^U Somebody commented a few days ago on Atarashii_yoake's LJ that he looks a bit like an old woman sometimes, and much though I love Yabu I have to say I agree. XDDDD I think it's because his face is sooo thin. Yabu, dear, we need to put more flesh on those cheekbones of yours. =p And Hikaru is... darn, I can't decide whether Hikaru is handsome or not. ^^ I used to think of him as the ugly one in Ya3 (yeah, I know, shame on me), but just like Yabu sometimes he looks handsome too... or rather I'd say cute. Taiyô though is getting really, really good-looking, and he could totally go for a modeling career. Ah... anyway, watch the performance for yourselves and then read below my fangirly impressions on Shoon's solo if you're not snoring already from my talk. LOL

I must have watched Shoon's former BadxNice performance like a dozen times (or more), and I thought it couldn't get any better if he performed it again. Well, I was wrong. My heart started doing flip-flops from the moment he appears at the top of the stairs, when he shakes his head back, when he does that jump... *joins in the crazy squealing with the girls at the studio XD * ...and ohmygosh, when he does that thing he does with the hand when he gets to the "...mune dakedo..." line of the lyrics! ...hf3pVy#jKusYp5w... H____H That's when I get totally incoherent, so I'll stop. XD

PS: Will edit this post later or tomorrow to add other video clips and things.

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Eva said...

XD Llevas razón en que Taiyo es posiblemente el segundo más guapo del grupo. De hecho, a mí siempre me pareció muy lindo y va cada dia mejor, pero ahora, eso de que Yabu parece una "mujer mayor" o alguien "malvado"....o.o ¬¬UU Hombre, hay veces que pone caras raras, pero en mi opinión el chico es bastante guapo, es mi favorito de hecho ^^
Y Hikaru no es guapo, pero sí es interesante, tiene buen cuerpo y en unos años creo que se le podrá considerar un tipo bastante atractivo.
En cuanto a Shoon, sobran las palabras. Es lindísimo, y no hay discusión ^^