September 14, 2006

Shoon, Hikaru... and kids!

[edit]: Here's the 2006.09.10 show for those of you who cannot download from Clubbox nor Megaupload. It's a SendSpace link and the file is just 187 MB because I converted the original .mpg file into a .wmv file. With YouSendIt and SendSpace I take twice as long to upload an episode in .mpg (MU about 2 and a half hours - YSI/ SS: almost 5 hours @__@) . The image quality is the same, though. =) Also, I've posted MU links at the treasure box for that show (.mpg file), plus the performances from last Sunday's SC and Yamada's and Hikaru's letter-reading as I promised. And last but not least, I'm posting today MU/SS links for the first of Shoon's scenes in Satomi Hakkenden at Shoon around-the-clock (Shoon's LJ community). More scenes to come in the next days/weeks. ;-)
I just watched last Sunday's Ya3 show and I'm so excited 'cause this Sunday's show will have a Shoon&Hikaru report at some kindergarten. ^_______^ Aaaah, that's gonna be really funny and cute because Hikaru loves kids and kids love Shoon. =)
At the end they showed bits of the Jr. no Daibouken concert but not a single image of Shoon's solo T___T, even though they showed part of Hikaru's and a loooong bit of Yabu's. Don't you hate that outfit Yabu wore? (see pic below). It was totally ridiculous, like a crossover btw a Beatle and Buffalo Bill. XD I hate whoever chose it because Mayônaka no Answer is one of my fave Yabu solos and to have him sing it with that freaky outfit... @___@

PS: I'll post links for the show later.


YUUKO said...

Yabu said that it was a prince's costume. I cherish Yabu. But, this costume is strange.(´・ω・`)

allyson said...

hey there irea! just wanna tell you that i love BnS!! i actually finished it 2 days ago..but i just love the last chapter that i had to re-read the whole thing just so that i can grasp the whole atmosphere of that last chapter better ^o^ good job! are we expecting more? a sequel maybe?
oh and i think yabu looks kinda hot's the cowboy hat, i guess^^

Mei said...

Hi Irea-San long time no see ^___^
Now I'm in Exam strom =[]=
But now I am crazy about Genchirosan's dream TT[]TT

ps. want to watch next Ya3Program hehehe Shoon and Hikaru kawaii