September 18, 2006

yesterday's show

[EDIT]: SendSpace link to download the show I converted the original .mpg file into a .wmv again. You can now download the .mpg at the Treasure Box as well plus Shoon's first scene in Satomi Hakkenden. =)

Yesterday's show was great. ^___^

The show's guest greeted Shoon as Koon-kun and explained that his son is in Shoon's class and that they call him Koon-kun at school. LOL And poor Shoon was all embarrassed. He's so adorable I had the most idiotic smile plastered on my face when I watched that bit. XD

We also get to see Shoon and Hikaru with a bunch of noisy and funny kids. LOL I think poor Shoon was a little scared with so many screaming kids around them. XD Ah, but it's adorable when the little girl goes up to him and whispers the name of the person she likes (won't say who because it's funny as hell XD).

There was also a funny "teppan" section with Yabu and Taiyô, and at the end there was a preview of next Sunday's show... which will have a go-isshoku sasete kudasai with Hikaru and Shoon and I have the feeling more than one of us will feel jealous ;-)">It seems they set themselves a challenge: they'll get somebody to take them home for lunch before 10 tries. And it looks like 2 lucky young women will. XD

PS: I'll edit this entry later with a SS link for the show and update the treasure box as well. ;-)
PS2: Almost forgot... Hikaru and Yabu weren't at the studios because they're doing Takki's musical "One" with Yûto and everyone else [poor Shoon and Taiyô as always have been left out ¬¬#]. The show people put a couple of cardboard body-sized images of them though, which was funny in a way, but also pissed me off a little. Do you think they'd do the same if Shoon or Taiyô were not there? I don't think so. They most certainly didn't the day Shoon was missing a few shows back. And for once Shoon and Taiyô got to see at the table with Koyama and the guest. As I've said before... JE obsession with establishing ranks through every detail is ridiculous.


rin_3 said...

sad. .__.
liek taiyo and shoon are also members of yayayah
and so they should also be given more chances to sing solos.
because it's always been yabu and hikaru. .__.

*sobs**sobs* taiyo and shoon deserve more lurves... XD

Maria said...


I'm not sure whether this will reach you... Hopefully, it will! ^^

Thanks to you, your fanfiction, and all you've uploaded...

I think I'm fostering an obsession for Yayayah now. ^o^;;

...So... thank you very much... I think? (An unhealthy obsession! :o)