October 21, 2006


Fiona (the webmistress of My Happy Town), uploaded to her clubbox a monstruous 2GB version of the latest Gourmet Special, but Kenji and I found a smaller one in another clubbox, so that's the one you'll find at the treasure box.
Most people didn't bother to download the 2GB file because it was huge and it took forever to download, but me being the biggest Ya3 freak around DID download it. Took me almost 3 days, but I did, yeah. XD
It's a super-high quality version. Let me stress that: the quality is so amazing it feels as if you had Shoon, Hikaru, Taiyô, and Yabu standing right in front of you, so if you're a real Ya3 collector this is a must-have.
I'm uploading it to Megaupload and it will be 9 parts (about 250MB each), but it will take some time to upload them all, so you may as well start downloading the ones I've uploaded so far:
Gourmet Special of 2006.10.09: .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009 (will update this as I finish uploading the other parts)
Also, you'll find the show from 2006.10.15 at the treasure box, which I've uploaded to YSI for those who can't use clubbox nor MU: .001 .002
I'll reupload 2006.10.08 as soon as possible to YSI, and upload the Gourmet Special to YSI too, though not the super high quality version, sorry, that would be suicidal as YSI only accepts 100 MB files.

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