October 04, 2006

last Sunday's SC

I wanted to post this earlier, but I wanted to answer unanswered comments first (please, see the post below if you've left a comment recently). Anyways...

Have you watched last Sunday's SC already? For those of you who haven't and want to download the performances, I've uploaded them to SendSpace:
To the Freedom + Ikujinashi (81 MB)
Marui chikara (77 MB)
Sexy medley (Ya3 sang Venus) (129 MB)
If you just want to watch them... Here's Ya-Ya-yah's performance of To the Freedom and Ikujinashi:

Here's the Marui Chikara performance (aaah, such a cute song... sounds almost Christmasy):

And here's Ya-Ya-yah's performance of Venus in the "sexy" medley (it wasn't that sexy really ¬¬ A sexy medley would have been a medley of Shoon's performances XD):

...and here's a short video clip I made with comments on different moments of the show. =)

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