October 10, 2006

a little fluff coming up

I should be working, but some ideas for a Yamabu (ShoonxYabu) one-shot have been bugging me for days, so I just had to start writing it. ^^ Irea writing a one-shot? O___o Yeah, I know. XD Let us hope for my sake that I'll manage to keep it short and not write 20 pages. ^^U This is set some months after the sequel of BnS (yes, there's going to be a sequel and I'm working on it), in early 2009. (BnS was set in 2008) Anyway, just felt like teasing you a little with the first scene because I'm cruel like that. =p *cackles evilly*

Missing You (PG-13)

It was the first time they’d spent more than two or three days apart since they’d moved in together. The apartment they’d been renting for a month and a half now was by no means large, but to Yabu it felt big and lonely with Shoon away. Especially at night.
He’d gotten used to being lulled to sleep by Shoon’s body warmth, by the sound of his steady heartbeats under his ear, pressed against Shoon’s chest, by Shoon’s hands slipping beneath his t-shirt and caressing the bare skin of his back with long, lazy strokes.
With Shoon away he lay awake on his side for a long while after getting into bed, his left hand resting on the empty space on the matress, as if he could feel Shoon’s imprint there.
It felt strange to think that Shoon was abroad, miles away from him, on the other end of the world. He was shooting a movie in Canada, and because of the time difference and the fact that they were filming on location in the mountains, where his cell phone was out of range, they had barely talked four or five times in those two weeks.
He missed him so much he was counting the minutes till he could see him again. Only two days now, he thought closing his eyes. “Good night, Shoon,” he murmured with a smile.


Nicole said...

This was so cute and pretty .. very nice =)

|/ * Starry said...

Awww, am so looking forward to this, it's so... Iunno, nice and fluffy <3~

Gambatte ya, at work and stuff X3

神ちゃん said...

Yay! You're doing it again..... KEEP GOING!!!

nyaoko said...

your so great.. *__* i love it~! *O* please please continue~! XD