October 28, 2006

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Ya-Ya-yah's support campaign

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On another note... It has been announced on the Music Station site that the Johnny's Juniors will be performing a Special Medley on 3rd November ^___^ ...speaking of which... I've decided I'm going to upload in the next weeks all of Ya3 MS performances I have. =) We'll start with 2001.02.15, in which Takki, Ya3 (minus Hikaru because he wasn't part of the group yet - well, and for some reason Hoshino wasn't there either ?__?), and some juniors (ABC, Massu, Shige, Tôshin...) perform Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made (I wish this song had a shorter name - it's so tiring to type all that! XD). Want to watch it? Yabu and Shoon are sooo cute in this clip! ^.^*

If you want to download it, I've uploaded it to MU, and you can find the link on the Treasure box. [If -and only if- you can't use MU... MS 2001.02.15 (YouSendIt link - will expire in 7 days)]
Other MS performances I'll be uploading in the next days/weeks:
2002.05.10, 2003.01.31, 2003.06.06, 2003.08.28, 2004.05.14, 2004.07.09, 2005.05.27, 2005.07.29, 2005.08.12
I've also reuploaded the Sekai ga... PV as somebody requested, and added links for 2003.04.20 Thailand, requested by Phoebe. =)
PS to Fiona: I'm very happy to be of help. ^__^
PS to Yui: I'm not sure how could we get to know how many people are taking part in the Ya3 support postcard campaign... ^^ A poll perhaps? Suggestions are most welcome. =)


puruu said...

I think they're still YA-YA in this clip. ^^; And it's nice from you to take your time and upload their performances. ☆

I'm sorry I'm weak at English... x_x~

m-ichelle. said...

ahhs.. thanks for the video!!~
but can some1 clear my doubts?
Yabu joined JE in 2001, september.. didnt he? or did he join JE in 2000?

allyson said...

yes, Irea..I'm obsessed XD

how so true what Tackey said at the beginning of the song..

Phoebe said...

Thank you for the reupload! *Runs off to download* XD

OMG, Ya-Ya-yah and everyone else is so little in that MS video. Kawaiiiiii, neh?! And Takki adds a nice touch to the song. :)

神ちゃん said...

Yabu joined in September 2001.

Good idea! I put the image link on my navbar.

phoebe said...

Me again!

Erm...regarding the MS clip, I think the date is wrong. It should be 2002.02.15. Yah, since Yabu entered JE in Sept 2001.


>> 02.15.02: Hideaki Takizawa & Johnnie's Jr. <<

YUI said...

i took the clip<3 thanks alot.
and i sent 3 postcards already<3 woohoo!
gonna flood them with more.
are you flooding them or just one per week? XD

YUI said...

oh ah!! about the poll thingy.
a poll would be great. but that's only knowing how many are doing it over here at our side(english reading people)... and fiona's side?(the chinese reading people) XD

gahhh` am i talkin weirdly? XD haha... though i am a chinese but the moment i see the support YAx3 campaign in chinese words i nearly fainted~ XD luckily you were asked to help spread the english one. XD

gomen ne m(___)m
always double posting such long comments. Gomen. *bows*

Alice said...

That video is probably back when they were YA-YA, because they were YA-YA in 2002, and they became Ya-Ya-yah a little later in the year. Anyway, about the campaign for Ya-Ya-yah, is there anyway I can do that through e-mail? Arigatou~!