October 26, 2006

a one-shot and downloads

First of all, thanks to everyone who are going to support Ya-Ya-yah by sending a weekly postcard, and to those who are spreading the word. ^___^ [To Yui: yes, please, go ahead and post the entry on your blog =)]

Secondly, I'm posting today a Ya-Ya-yah one-shot here. It's not the one-shot I had promised you, but a one-shot unrelated to my multi-part fic Bokura no Secret, so if you have read BnS erase it completely from your mind before reading. This is for Esther (because I hate you! XD)

Title: A Matter of Choice; Fic type: one-shot ( a long one); Fandom: Ya-Ya-yah; Paring: Shoon-?; Genre: Romance-Angst-Humour (yeah, all that in one LOL) ... read the fic

On another note, I uploaded Sunday's show for those of you who can't use clubbox nor MU:
(YSI links - will expire in 7 days) .001 .002 .003

If you can use MU, please download from the links on the treasure box, thanks. ^__^

I also uploaded the Itoshi no Play Girl performance, can't remember who asked for it, but you'll find it in the treasure box as well. ;-)

I finished uploading the super HQ Gourmet Special of 2006.10.09. =)
[each part is 250MB each - total 2GB]:
.001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009

I'll upload a smaller version of that to YSI tomorrow if I can. Other uploading requests I'll fulfill as soon as possible: reuploading HQ episode 2005.11.13, 2003.04.20 Thailand, and the Daite Señorita performance.


alei said...

Omg !! Thank u for uploading all those ~~~ U r my number 1 source to get my fix of ya3 !! haha XD Thank u soooo much!! <3

fiona said...

hey,it's me again:) It's really happy tha u help us passing our YA3 support project to others!^__^

Just want to say, Thank you!;)

sa-chan said...

hey! luved the fic. i especially enjoyed taiyo cuz he acted kinda like me when i'm with my friends (i get hit more though XP)i also cracked up at the eiki-kun part.XD
very amusing!! ^^

also,thx 4 all the downloads!