October 14, 2006

preview of tomorrow's show

[EDIT]: I'm thinking that perhaps even though a bit of To the Freedom has been included in the preview that might not be the live stage because Hikaru is sporting the "spiky" haircut which he doesn't have now.

I can't wait to watch tomorrow's show. There will be a report about donuts, Shoon will return to the Kindergarten... this time with Taiyô, and in the live stage our boys will perform To the Freedom. See the preview clip below.

Also, I'm sure all Shoon and Taiyô fans will love this page from the November issue of Wink Up, which was scanned by Yuy. =) Awww... so cute! ^.^* Right-click and "save as" to download the full size pic.

PS: My apologies to those who downloaded the wmv version of last Sunday's show from the YouSendIt links as it seems there's a problem with the sound. I'll check it and reupload as soon as possible.

1 comment:

Mei said...

Hellooo Irea-San ^____^
Shoon is so cute ^W^
He looks like Papa :D isn't he?

Donuts !! yeah I like donuts too

Thx for Big size
Thx Yuy too ^___^

See ya