October 05, 2006

Sunday's show

[EDIT]: For those of you who cannot use clubbox nor Megaupload, I uploaded Sunday's Ya3 show to SendSpace: 2006.10.01 Size: 190MB Enjoy! =]
Will edit this post tomorrow with a SS link and perhaps more Daily Motion video clips and comments on the show, but it's late and I'm going to bed, so today I'm just posting the video of the live stage, and I wanted to tell you as well that you can now find MU links for this episode at the Treasure Box as well as some old episodes I've added, a HQ onigokko episode I've reuploaded, and the 2 CMs of Shoon&Taiyô, which I've reuploaded as well. =)


alei said...

hi ! Nice to meet u ! I love reading ur blog all the time ! it is realli great and thank u for uploading always of videos (^^)

Irea said...

Nice to meet you too, Alei! ^____^ I'm glad you like my blog, and you're welcome for the videos! =)