October 23, 2006


As you all know, JE announced recently that there will be a debut next Spring, but not who will debut.The fact that Kitty hasn't dissolved when it was created as a supposedly temporary group, plus the airing of the new shows You-tachi (with Hikaru and the other 3 Kitty members) and Hyakushiki (with Yabu and other juniors), has got many of us worried that the announced debut might mean the end of the Ya-Ya-yah show and of Ya-Ya-yah as a group.

Fiona, the webmistress of the Chinese site Happy Town, has started a campaign among the Chinese fans to support Ya-Ya-yah, and her friend Feather, who has been so kind as to translate the plan outline into English, has asked me to try and involve Western fans in their efforts.

The idea is to send a weekly postcard to The Shounen Club to show our support to Ya-Ya-yah. As a heading write:
"ステージで輝いてるYa-Ya-yah”("Ya-ya-yah shines on the stage").
Below you can write a short message of support, in polite English or Japanese. It could be for instance "Please let Ya-Ya-yah debut next Spring".

The postcard should be addressed to:
c/o "The Shounen Club", Nihon NHK denshidai, 2-2-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to, 150-8001 JAPAN
〒150-8001 日本 東京都 渋谷区 神南 日本NHK電視台 2-2-1 -BS「ザ少年倶楽部」係

I think it might be useful to write it both in Western writing and Japanese.

P.S.: Please take the time to
read Feather's translation of the plan outline for more details.
P.P.S: Please spread the word. =)


alei said...

omg !!! I am totaly doing it ! But, as I read on the site .. we can't talk about the Ya3 show ne .... hmm ... so I will have to think long and hard about wat i wanna say to Ya3 !!
But thanks for sharing the information !!! <3

Mei said...

Hello Irea-san
I'm worried about it too
Ok I will tell about info to my friends tell to Ya-Ya-yah's Fanclub in Thailand

Seeya // run to buy many postcard

YUI said...

I'm doing it<3
of course i am. hahaha!
and i have tons of postcards at home~ hehe.

YUI said...

sorry for double posting~
it there a way to know how many people are actually sending in the postcards? XD because it would be motivating for me to know many others are doing it too. XD

hehe. *grins*

YUI said...

i'm really really really sorry for posting again.
but can i take a portion of it and put it up into my blog? please?

神ちゃん said...

I'm sure you can put it up on your blog. After all, that's what "Spread the word" means, isn't it? Ne, Irea?
I'm putting up a link on my blog too. ^_^