October 09, 2006

the way it should be

I liked last Sunday's SC for several reasons, but the two main reasons are that EVERYBODY got to sing a little -that's the way it should always be, and it's not so difficult to achieve, really- and that AT LONG LAST Taiyô has sung on his own. =] Well, not with Ya3, I mean. I think he did great, but since he performed Sayaendô, I was kind of hoping they'd have him wear the pirate costume he wore at this summer Junior concert, the Johnny's Juniors no Daibôken (see pic below - credits to the Korean blog Just Movin' On) Doesn't he look great in that costume? =)


Instead of that he wore his old Sergeant-Pepper-like outfit, which I like, but it was unfair that Tsuka-chan and this other ABC guy whose name I can't remember right now ^^U wore pirate costumes and he didn't. Oh, well.




For those who don't want to download the full episode, here are the performances in which Ya3 took part: (YouSendIt links - will expire in 7 days)

[Michi Medley] (38 MB) (or more exactly the Sayaendô part, so it doesn't include Koyama's song, sorry ^^)

[Beautiful] (86 MB)

[Midnight Train] (46 MB)

[Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made] (39 MB)

If you just want to watch them, here is the performance of Sayaendô:

Here is the performance of Midnight Train:

Here is the performance of Sekai ga...: (nice version =))

And here is the performance of Beautiful, but just the Ya3 part, because there was a bit in which Joey Tee was shockingly rude to two younger juniors (see on the clip below this) and totally spoiled it so I edited it and just left Ya3 singing. O__o


hairband said...

WOW it's been a really long time since I've heard a song as good as Sayoundo.


It sounded SOOOO nice!!

Oh and I also like the outfit that Ya-ya-yah get this time. The faux fur is seriously faux to the limit XDXD But they look really good in it though. And it was better than the reddish violet one worn by some other band (sorry not sure who they are ^^")

What I don't understand is why do they all seem so tired and strained here, though. They looked practically haggard... Or maybe it's just me and my sensitivity towards skinny and underfed looking boys ^^"

Whoa ok I guess The last clip was kind of, upsetting. But it wasn't as bad I expected, so I'm ok :D

P.S. ok yeah I'm taking up lots of space, but doesn't the jacket-tied-around-waist thing look so good? No wonder it's so popular now. ^^

m-ichelle. said...

hi again!!~ Thanks for those beautiful videos!~ btw.. may i know where do u download the SC episodes?

alei said...

hi! how r u doing???
huhuhu ~ poor taiyo.. he didn't get to wear a pirate outfit ~~ haha ~
But thank u for sharing the videos and putting them up for download !! (^^)
omg .. almost died when i heard taiyo ~~~ <3 he sounds much better this time! haha ~ but kinda sucks he onli got 2 lines to himself ... huhuhu ~

神ちゃん said...

Doesn't he look great in that costume? =)

Yeah. And you can't even see his leather boots on that pic. I've been obsessed with those boots for 2 months now and I can't seem to find a pic of them.

[[ace`]] said...

hi it's ace here! hahaha! my exams have finished. and im coming here for a downloading spree.

oh yeah... shoon seems so haggard... its like.. he doesn't have enough sleep or something. even his hair seems like it's losing confidence.

haha! care to tell me who joey tee is? im like so lagging in johnny's