October 16, 2006

way to go, Shoon!


Sometimes I think JE does read fanblogs and visit fansites, because I feel as if they had listened to me and the many other people who wanted Shoon to produce an SC episode. Yes! Shoon will produce a Shônen Club episode in November!!! ^______^ YES! YES! YES! The theme will be "thought", which totally suits him, because I think he's a very deep guy. =)
Ganbare, Shoon, you totally deserved it and I hope you'll do great and show them what you are capable of. ;-) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


nyaoko said...

he is!? kyaaaaaa~! XDD im so happy!! shoon really, really deserves it!! XD
thank you for the news~ *O* it made my day~ X3

Mei said...

Really !!!!! Yatta !!!
you make me cry Irea-san
I'm very happy ^___^
Yeahhhh I want to see it now hehehe

See you , Thx for news

chic_flick said...

Hahaha... Yay for Shoon! And that's a really nice layout!

YUI said...

i guess you're the best person to share the feeling i have now.
when i knew this i was screaming my house down early in the morning 6am. XD

bews said...

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