October 06, 2006


[EDIT ] I answered the comments of this entry and the previous one, so if you left a comment, please check my replies. =)
As most of you probably know, JE has announced recently that there will be a debut next Spring. No word about who it will be, but thanks to the ever amazing Kami-chan, who always keeps an eye open, we have an inkling of who it might be. ;-) Well, today I've found the pic below at My Happy Town, and if that's not the very image of a group about to debut, then I don't know what it is. It's sooo different from any previous pics of Ya-Ya-yah. They look so grown-up, and mature and... awesomely handsome. *___* WOW; just WOW. (Not sure what it is, but from the file name -"you_poster.jpg"- I gather it's a poster from the Youtachi no Ongaku Dai-Undoukai event). I want a large, good scan of this! ^o^


Mei said...

Hi Hi Irea-san ^____^
I'm back I'm get a good score from exam >__< hehe caz' Shoon-kun is my power ^___^

Shoon looks Smart in his shirt . Wow Pink pattern..So Cute ^w^
Kota too I think He is more handsome more than tha past >__<
Hikaru and Taiyo always cute

Thx for pics ne~~~
See you

神ちゃん said...

Well, if it's a poster it'll be difficult to scan it, LOL.

But yeah, this is an excellent pic. They all look truly awasome. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Good!!!!! OH My gooooddd!!! IS Ya-ya-yah maybe going to debute!!! YEEEYYY!!!!! But I was wondering, why do you thing that Yabu and Hikaru aren't in the studio in the last few Hatena show's ? But Hikaru (somtime Yabu) is always in the videos and Live Stage but not in the Studio, I meen what the hell is that??... this is so full of mistery....

Anonymous said...

wow! taiyo look so handsome! normally i will notice yabu more. but i cant help but swoon at taiyo. =D

Anonymous said...




Anyways I love Yabu's arm warmer thingamajig, even though it does make him look even ekinnier than he already is, but it's cool. LoL it'll probably turn out to be the next biggest fad XD

Yuuko said...

This poster was sold at Youtachi no Ongaku Dai-Undoukai event. I bought Uchiwa of this poster and Yabu. Ya-Ya-yah of this poster is very handsome. Favorite.皆かわいい ^___^

Eva said...

DIOS, ME HAS MATADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ese Taiyo, dios mío, ese Taiyo....¡¡pero que pedazo de hombre está hecho!!!!. Por no hablar de Shoon, con esa elegancia, ese saber estar...Y Yabu...con ese aire flashdance y esa cara tan bonita *_____*
En cuanto a Hikaru, también está bastante guapo ^^

Dios, ahora me pregunto...si con 15.17 años están así ¿¿¡como van a estar cuando tengan mi edad, o sea, 20?? waaaaaaaaa, me muero, de verdad >/////<

Muchas gracias por poner semejante foto, mi vista te lo agradecerá eternamente ^^

PD: Perdona mi poca coherencia ahora mismo pero realmente me han matado ^^U

Besotes :***

Irea said...

Hi again May! ^____^ I'm really happy to hear from you again. Congrats on your good marks on the exams! =)
Shoon is my power too. ;-)

Um, true LOL It would be kinda difficult to scan since it's a poster. LOL Okay, I want a poster then! XD

I know, I'm really excited too that they might actually debut next Spring! *squeals like a fangirl* Yabu and Hikaru haven't been on the studio lately because they were taking part in Takki's musical "One!" =)

Yup, Taiyô is looking more and more handsome. =)

I like Yabu's arm warmers too! XD He looks sooo pretty in that pic.

Ah, so it's indeed a poster from the Youtachi no Ongaku Dai-Undoukai event. Thanks for confirming it, Yuuko-san. =)You bought it and an uchiwa of Yabu? Lucky you! ^___^ I would have bought the poster and an uchiwa of Shoon.

XDDDD Yo me quedé igual que tú cuando vi la foto. Es verdad que Taiyo sale muy guapo, pero a mí el que me mata a mí es Yabu -es lo que te decía el otro día contestando a tu comentario: hay veces que sale guapísimo, y otras que no. Shoon casi siempre sale guapo, así que no tiene mérito. XD
Si con 15-17 años están así ¿¿¡como van a estar cuando tengan mi edad, o sea, 20?? El doble de guapos, probablemente. H___H
Un besote a ti también. ^^B

Anonymous said...

OMG...!!!! the new promo pics are so Handsome...and HOTTTTTTTTTT....

me want a copy of it...