November 13, 2006

Puppet dear, you did great

[EDIT 2]: I added YSI download links of these SC clips at the treasure box: opening of the show and Hikaru solo; Shoon talks to MC; Reon; MC talk to Shoon about SC’s theme; BadxNice; To the Freedom; Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made; closing of the show
[EDIT]: Sorry I uploaded a wrong clip as the talk about the show's theme. ^^ It's fixed now.
What is exactly the role of a producer in SC? Appearing as little as possible? Honestly I was so disappointed at the lack of Shoon in his own produced SC. =(
Ya-Ya-yah made a really energetic entrance at the beginning of the show, and Shoon was adorably humble -and more beautiful than ever- when they introduced him as producer and he talked about the show's theme, but then he just appeared briefly in a little talk with Yûto and Yamada, and then he didn't reappear till his speech at the closing of the shows with Koyama and Nakamaru and his solo, which was followed by a performance of To the Freedom with the rest of Ya-Ya-yah, and Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made with the other juniors.
Oh, well, something I liked about this show was the fact that they introduced the new juniors; Reon among them. ^____^
Hikaru got a solo in the "Love" medley that was performed at the beginning of the show, as did the other members of Kitty, except Inoo, who sang together with the rest of JJE. These are the things that make me fear Kitty might debut, so that's why I believe Ya3 need our support and that the weekly postcard campaign is necessary. ^^ Thanks to everybody who is already taking part in it! =)
Anyway, back on topic... Hikaru's solo was great. ^___^ I love his voice and as I said before his dancing is getting better and better.
Back to Shoon, because this was supposed to be his SC... I wanted to strangle whoever made him wear the Sergeant-Pepper-like outfit to sing his solo BadxNice. Does somebody in JE hate him or something?, because that was mean. No, it was really mean. His moment of glory and he has to perform with the oldest, least cool outfit in their wardrobe? I felt so bad for him I was actually crying inside when they started singing Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made.
Okay, so perhaps I'm being overly dramatic because I love Shoon too much, but it was so mean! However you cannot make a rose less beautiful even if you cover it in soot, because beneath the soot it's still a rose. Well, Shoon did a brilliant performance of the solo. His dancing was great, he showed that he is the sexiest junior in JE even when they make him wear totally unsexy clothes, and his singing was better than ever before [and yay he sang the full version! I'm so making an mp3 rip of it. ^___^]
It's not that I dislike the Sergeant-Pepper-like outfit; it's the outfit Shoon wore for his Top Secret performance, and I fell in love with him there and then because he reminded me of a puppet with an elfish face, and that's why I use the nickname "Puppeteer8" on LJ, so I could never hate that outfit, but still... It was really unfair.
Oh, well, at least they let him talk to his heart's content before the performance. The romantic in me had been hoping they'd have him read out his thoughts sitting on the stage, a single stage light on him, piano music in the background, but no such luck. Still it was nice. It was kind of relaxing to watch and hear him talk -and if somebody translated that part they'd make me the happiest person on Earth, because my Japanese is not that great and I only understood bits and pieces. ^^
Random notes:
-Yesterday I was daydreaming about this particular SC, and I was wondering what Shoon would wear. For some reason I thought "I'd love him to wear the white suit they wore for Summerx3" ...and he did! O__O That was a bit uncanny. LOL
-I like how happy Taiyô seems of late. =) He was really cute when he gestured to the camera at the end of their entrance. I guess he was feeling happy not just because he's getting to sing more, but also for Shoon. After all they've been together in the shadow (i.e. as little more than backdancers) all this time. Now it's Taiyô's turn to come into the light and shine (pun intended obviously ;-)). Here's hoping for a Taiyô produced SC in December. ^__^
-The lack of Shoon uchiwas. T___T If I were Japanese I'd consider Shoon a national treasure. Oh, well, as the saying goes "nobody is a prophet in their own land".
PS: I'll edit this entry later with YSI links of the different clips. =)
Okay, onto some clips of the show:
We'll start with the show's opening:
Shoon talking to Koyama and Nakamaru about the SC's theme he had chosen:
The BadxNice performance:
The performance of To the Freedom:


Mei said...

Hello Irea-san
Yesterday I watched SC from TV.
I feel really good , I think he did it very well .
Bad Nice full ver. Yeah I like it
He can dance with graceful but strong. His voice was great and better than before. to The freedom was wonderful I like it too, and the last "Sekai ga hitotsi ni naru made" I cried ^^ I didn't know why but I feel delighted in my heart , I really Thank him for a wonderful performance.

Ps* Thx about mp3 rip ne ^W^
See ya,

YUI said...

AWW! My sentiments exactly!
with everything you said. But seriously... i'm more pissed with the shoon-uchiwas-deprived-symdrome then anything else. YES! I'm upset for the lack-of-shoon-camera-time and that Sergeant-Pepper-like-outfit for such a nice song... REALLY! HOW COULD THEY!!! I understand how feel... it's not that the outfit is really that bad or anything but... WELL... *cringes*

but that's not as depressing as compared to shoon not seeing his uchiwas in the crowd right? SERIOUSLY!! where are the ya ya yah fans?!?! HELLO?!?! not even one visible one. That's so saddening.

and one more thing...
if you did noticed, while shoon is still having his final talk with koyama and yucci before his solo and ft.II getting ready on stage... the fangirls are damn damn rude!! RUDE!! NO MANNERS! they were screaming and screaming and i even had to stretch my ears to listen to what shoon was saying. SERIOUSLY, i dare say it because i am so 100% sure i will not do the same if i'm there. So yah... RUDE! *rolls eye*

really, not that i'm bias but it's so obvious and irritating and rude and no manners!!

ahhhh wells, but at least he did he solo great! I LOVE ALL HIS DANCE MOVES AND HIS VOICE<3 and YES! i was dying for a small corner like what inoo had for him to read out his thoughts. But nahhh... whoever who plan the outline of the schedule for that SC SUCKS BIG TIME! and i hate that person. This is really so so so so so so x100 lack of shoon and Yax3.

hmmm... that's all. sorry for ranting ne. XD

神ちゃん said...

These are the things that make me fear Kitty might debut, ...


I agree with you on that terrible outfit Shoon had to wear. Everyone calls them Sergeant Pepper outfit, but, and I think I've said it before, Yabu's and Hikaru's look like Sergeant Pepper. The ones Shoon and Taiyo wear look like a circus clown.

As for Shoon's camera time, I'm not sure he got less camera time than any other producer this year. I didn't sit there with a stop-watch, so I don't really know, but to me it didn't seem too little (compared to others), but it was of course less than I would have loved to see.

arterioles said...

Aww, poor Shoon. I have yet to watch the episode... I hope i don't end up in tears.

How can they be soo rude towards Shoon like that? And i seriously wonder how Shoon felt inside... My God, this is unfair. This is Shoon's first time and they're not even giving him a chance to shine. Annoying.

Btw, i took the mp3 rip. Sankyuu ne~ <3

ミツカイ said...

Omg we think alike about this Shounen Club. When I was reading your post, I couldn't help but say "Yah, that's what I thought exactly!" XD

Anyways, I was also disappointed that Shoon didn't appear much. By the time it got to the point where Shoon was speaking towards the end, I was like "Shoon, where have you been all this time?" XD And I was hoping he had worn his white tux thing that you mentioned for the Bad*Nice perf. *sighs* Oh well, at least he wore it at the beginning. :D Ok last thing, they introduced Yamashita Reon?! No way! I didn't even notice. XD Haha and I was thinking "Aww...they didn't show Reon." But I was wrong. XD I'll go watch it again. :) *runs off*

hanna said...

Teehee haven't commented in a long time (yeah it was a long time right?) so I thought I'd contribute to this one XD

Well, I don't really mind the outfit. It's... Odd. But to tell the truth I find a heck of a lot of the Johnny's outfits, how should I say it, uncanny?

So. It was ok. And I LOVED Shoon's performance. Even though I don't really like the song itself (yet I still downloaded it XD) but Shoon made it good. With his not too thrusty-violenty-robust kinda moves and super awesome voice (yeah I'm not sure why but I never seem to realize the skills of the singers(ok boybanders) until those moments of sudden revelations), he smoothed the whole song out like buttered toast (yeah total lack of imagination here XD).

No really. I was impressed.

I also thought Hikaru's performance was pretty good too (even though I did skip a bit of the parts at the middle)
Yup. Once again I was struck by the talents of my beloved, erm, stars(?) in the area of vocal quality. I always seem to think less of their actual skills, for some reasom...

So anyways thanks for the random clips of the performances. To the Freedom is Love XD

ved said...

I couldn't pick out Reon. None of the 6 juniors they showed at that part of the dance off looks like Reon!?