November 27, 2006

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Boku to kimi wa itsumo SAMBA:
Now, that's what I call an original (and long) nickname! Where did you hear that story about Yamapi and Hoshino going together to a ramen store? I don't know if it's true, but yeah, it would be understandable if Hoshino didn't want to appear in Stand by Me because he dind't want to play a 13-14 year-old kid. However Shoon was only a year younger than him.
Actually I don't feel bad for Hoshino leaving the jimushô -I think he didn't fit in because he was too shy. I feel bad about the way JE treated him and Akama Naoya, and I feel bad for Shoon because he seemed to be close to him, and it seems to me that he suffered when he left.
Must be the fanatic Shoon fan in me, but yes, I can't understand either the lack of Shoon uchiwas not just on the SC he produced but on any SC in general. A Japanese girl told me he's most popular among women in their 30s (because he's so mature and all), so perhaps they feel too guilty to take Shoon uchiwas with them because he's still underage not for long though? XD
There are few JE songs that I really like, but somehow BadxNice has grown on me. Shoon is to be blamed for it. XD
I couldn't pick out Reon. None of the 6 juniors they showed at that part of the dance off looks like Reon!? Right-click [here] and [here]. Those screencaps are from Reonade , the brother-site of I love trying to pick out Reon on every studio and SC performance. LOL It's like those "where's Wally?" books. XDDDD
Did Yabu sign "Kota"? Actually his signature says Kota Yabu, though it's kind of hard to read. That little arrow thing is part of the "Ya", and the "bu" syllable is below.
Yes, Media Fire seems to be the solution to our problems. =) It works for people who cannot download from MU and the links don't expire (at least for now because this is a new host service - we'll see if that policy continues in a few months). And yes, it looks like they changed a bit the choreography of Itoshi no Play Girl. I liked it better as it was before.
Hikaru's attempts at sexy-ness amuse me too. XD I also find it funny that a lot of people are memorizing the dance steps. LOL Do you dance along at home when you rewatch the performances? I have two left feet, so I don't even try. XD
If you downloaded the 2006.11.19 show from ktroom clubbox(bobbi), the password is "kei".
im new here n i dunno how to use the treasure box...tell me please... Hi, Naomi! Thanks for visiting. =) If you don't know the username and password send me an e-mail.
I don't want JE to turn Hikaru into the next Jin or Kame either. Nothing against them, really, but I'd like Ya-Ya-yah to become a group similar to Arashi and not KAT-TUN. It fits their style better.


Boku to kimi wa itsumo TANGO said...

I got the information from 120% Ya-ya-yah. It´s very interesting book. And I agree with you. It´s more fun if Ya-ya-yah becomes more like Arashi rather then KAT-TUN. I really love KAT-TUN but you cant Laugh your ass off like when you are watching KAT-TUN like you do when your watching Arashi or V6. Oh, I love v6.. their are such a dunkys!! HAHaha... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

P.s. I loooove Bokura no Secret, THANKYOUSOMUCH!!!
P.s.2 ahh.. Tofu tabetai...
P.s.3. Try to sing BOKU TO KIMI WA ITSUMO SAMBA when you are suppost to sing INDIGO BURUU NI SOMATTA KIMI WO OMOU KIMOCHI (Summerx3)

Hideko said...

Thanks for all you help~~ ^^

Erm, may i ask how is it possible to get the passwords for the [LNE] labeled files which are at ktroom clubbox(bobbi)? (Besides registering with ktroom forums which has already closed registeration...><)

Please ignore my request if it isn't allowed...^^

alei said...

Hi Irea ! How are you doing ?
O! I just wonder, someone asked u abt the Ya3 show from Nov.19,2006, but since I am not a member of clubbox (coz I can't read Korean ~ haha) will u be uploading it to ur treasure box ?
Anyways, have a good day !