November 28, 2006

Sunday's show & Yamabu clip

[EDIT]: Darn, I knew I was forgetting something. ^^ I was reading the latest entry on Kami's blog and realized I'd forgotten to comment on something: Shoon's line on Real Face. I swear I replayed it at least five times because I couldn't believe it was his voice. O__O Wow, so low. I've said before that Shoon is not the best voice in Ya-Ya-yah, but I have a soft spot for him and I like his voice a lot. It's funny how being older than Yabu his voice sounds much more teenager like. Sometimes it even sounds a little squeaky when he's surprised, which is so adorable. ^^BBB It was when he sang Get Down on SC for the first time that I was amazed at what a deep voice he can make. (It's when he says "get down", right before he starts singing. It turns me into a puddle every time I watch it. XD Such a commanding tone! LOL) Well, he managed to make an even deeper voice on Real Face, and his pronountiation is quite good too. I have a feeling he might actually be good at English, because he seems the type of person who doesn't like boasting about his skills, and damn, the way he says "bad" in BadxNice is really good for a Japanese person. I mean Japanese has only five vowels and they are "pure vowels", as in Spanish, while English has 12. The "a" in "bad" is pronounced /æ/: , and that's how Shoon pronounces it. I tell you that's not easy for someone whose mother tongue has only 5 vowels. Um, yeah, okay, I hear you all snoring. Enough about phonetics. XD
I've updated the treasure box with links for last Sunday's show, the previous one (2006.12.19), and I also reuploaded the H.Q. show from 2005.09.04 because the link had expired. =) By the way, I've revamped the whole downloads page. I've merged the HQ files with the rest, only they're highlighted in gold.
It was really hard for me to get some of those files, so that's why I expressly asked people not to post them elsewhere, but I've found them recently at different clubboxes and other places, so it's useless having a separate box for them on the download page. =/
Also, now you can download directly the latest uploads at the top of the page, where it says "latest updates". Hope you'll find that helpful. =)
Anyway, last Sunday's live stage was really great. They sang the same medley all the juniors sang on their last appearance at Music Station. I don't know if it's me having a dèjá vu but I think Ya-Ya-yah have worn those yellow outfits sometime before, haven't they? And it looks great on Shoon, doesn't it? Well, there's few clothes that don't look great on him. XD
They're letting Taiyô do more on the performances lately, and he's definitely proving that he's not at all behind his groupmates. =) Having him sing Obaachan Rock and Shoon Good Day was a good idea because, Taiyô being younger, it Kanjani8's song suited him better, and V6's song suited Shoon because... well, I have no idea why it suited him, but I like that song and I'm happy he sang it. XD
I think it's interesting that they all sang Fever & Future together instead of just Inoo and Hikaru. Hmmm... Ya3 possible debut 1, Kitty possible debut 0. LOL
On another note... Did you spot this lovely ShoonxYabu moment on the latest Teppan? XD The music is from an anime series called Mentantei Conan (Detective Conan), and it's called Secret of my Heart *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*. If you want to download the full song click here.
It's funny that I uploaded that clip to YouTube too and it received an honor. O__o??? Either people enjoy seing two guys holding hands, or ShoonxYabu's OTPness is evident even to those who don't know Ya-Ya-yah. XDDDD Somebody asked me if I think they are gay. I said this here before and I'll say it again: NO, I don't think they're gay, but if they were I think there would be nothing wrong with that. We're in the 21st century, not in the Middle Ages, right? ;-) If I post ShoonxYabu clips and fics it's just for fun and fangirling and also because they're cute together. ^__^


神ちゃん said...

I don't know if it's me having a dèjá vu but I think Ya-Ya-yah have worn those yellow outfits sometime before, haven't they?
They wore outfits similar to these on
Shonen Club 2003.09.14 (and 1 or 2 other occasions I believe).

Ya3 possible debut 1, Kitty possible debut 0. LOL
How many people have been sending in postcards in support of Kitty? ;-)

alei said...

omg !!! when I seen that part of ya3's show .. I thought right away of ur fanfic u made !! so lovelove <3

alei said...

o!! Also, Thank u for uploading the last 2 shows to the treasure box !! I was laughing so hard when Taiyo's shoes flew came off when he was running XDDD
Thanks again !

Kyaaaa!! said...

Omg, this is sooo beautifull! Omg, I´m falling in love!! This is just... so cute =D NO wonder you get honor!!

Thanks for the sharing!

YUI said...

OMGness... LMAO at the gay thing. XD

i swear i would have slap those people who still lives in the middle ages. LOL! okays... i'm not that obsessive~ XD But too much yamabu is bad for health~ it's 4:30AM here now and i am trying my best to think of how am i going to continue to write a fic out of the dream i had of yamabu last night. *nods*


yasmin said...

Hey....I love it...I watched it every time before i go to sleep...I just love it...I know yabu and shoon are not gays...but i just love them more when they act like one. But if they're straight, I think there would be nothing wrong with that.