November 04, 2006

Super Johnny

[EDIT]: Added a MU link of this performance at the treasure box. =) Kichi has uploaded it to YSI and SS as well, so if you can't use MU, you can download it at her LJ.
So, yesterday Johnny's Juniors performed a special medly on Music Station. =) It was great! Everybody was there (yes, for once they didn't leave Shoon and Taiyô out, yay!), and everybody got to sing a little. For the first time Kitty seems to act truly as a representative of all the junior groups because, interestingly enough, this time Yabu accompanies them when they talk to the hosts. Why is that? Is Yabu going to debut with Kitty? Nah, I don't think so. It looks more like Yabu has become the Super Johnny among the juniors now. ;-) And he totally deserves it for his constant hard work, his enthusiasm, and for aiming so hard at connecting with the public. I still miss his black hair and former hairdo, but I guess his new look is not that bad, and I love the part near the end when he sings a bit of a song by Arashi.
Totsu said once he didn't want to debut if it was not with ABC, so he'd probably feel bad if he debuted with Kitty.
Hikaru is the heart of Ya-Ya-yah, he makes up for Yabu's shyness (okay, bashfulness if you will), Shoon is relaxed when he's with him, and... well, he's a little mean with Taiyô sometimes, but in a brotherly way. His voice blends amazingly well with Yabu's, and nicely with Shoon's as well. And yes, JE put him in Ya-Ya-yah to replace Hoshino and Akama, but hating him for that is ridiculous. So, no, I don't want him to debut with Kitty, but with Ya-Ya-yah, where he belongs.
JJE needs Inoo. He's mature, he's got more experience than the other members, and he's not an overbearing leader, so please, Mr. Kitagawa, let him debut with them.
As for Kitayama... um... okay, I don't know much about him or Kisumai 'cause I'm not a big fan of them, but I can't imagine him being taken apart from Kisumai, so no, I don't want him to debut with Kitty either.
I don't hate Kitty, but I don't want them to debut because they are a group that came out of the blue for commercial purposes. I like the idea of Kitty as a representative of the different junior groups, but having JE make and break groups as they please is quite hard when you've been supporting a group for some time.


fahlyu said...

*nods* I don't understand why people are actually mad at the boys. Kitty wasn't made by their choice. (and it doesn't make sense to hate Hikaru either) I don't want them to debut but I'd support them if it happened, because it's not like they're completely horrible together. I still think chances for their debut is pretty low though, so I'm not too worried about them. It'd be sad to mess up the groups like that if it really does happen though >_<

Alice said...

*obsessed with checking this website since I finished BnS*
I think that medley wasn't that special. I thought it was cool that everyone was there.

Yes, I can't live without Inoo in JJE..He was in there since the group was formed, as was Yuto. I'll die if they leave
-I've always loved Hikaru..I love Akama and Hoshino as well, even though I've never really seen them that much. If you asked me "Do you like Ya-Ya-yah?" back when they were in the group, my answer would be "Ya-ba-who?!?" It was good overall, anyway. I don't hate Kitty, either. I think they're ok. Blegh.. Knowing that they're temporary makes it easier for my mind not to go 'goo-gaa'
By the way, you live in Spain, right? Because I live in Eastern Standard Time (US&Canada) and I haven't reached Nov. 4th yet o.o"

pg said...


I didn't realize there were so many Johnny's Jrs. They're all over the place! Just kidding. :P

They did a superb job! I also liked that everyone got to perform. Yay Johnny's Jrs!

Your comments on the members of Kitty were sweet, especially the one about Hikaru. :)

allyson said...

Irea! *jumps at you for hailing Yabu as a Super Johnny* but I first misread it as Super Junior though SuJu.. LOL

but the hair is getting better ne?

神ちゃん said...

I'm not really sure JE put Hikaru into Ya-Ya-yah "to replace Hoshino and Akama". Hikaru was with Ya-Ya-yah since early 2003, Hoshino was with them until August 2004. I don't call that replacement. I call that gradual development, a development I'm sure not even Johnny foresaw back in 2003. If JE had wanted Hikaru replace Hoshino and Akama he would have thrown them out right away. But JE were trying out different things with Ya-Ya-yah and different combinations, just like they're trying out different forms of J.J.Express. Takumi out, Yuto in, Yamada almost in, Yuto back out, Yuto back in again. Whatever a group looks like in the end, you can't blame the final members for some of the original members not being there anymore. So if anyone thinks they should hate Hikaru just because Hoshino and Akama were the least popular and subsequently removed from Ya-Ya-yah, send them my way... *rolls up sleeves*

YUI said...

the MS perf was like a party! XD MUAHA! So colourful and messy. but still it's LOVE!
anyway, i totally have no comments about who's debuting thingy. Cause it looks like Kitty/Kisumai/Yax3 have equal chances to debut. XD