December 26, 2006

answering comments

Before I get started with the comments I wanted to wish a Merry Xmas to all those of you who read this blog, both those who leave comments, and those who don't. =) Here in Spain Christmas lasts till January 6th, and it's on that day when we traditionally exchange presents since that's the day when the Three Wise Men brought their presents to child Jesus. ^^
That's okay, you can use any of my dailymotion videos on your Xanga. =) Also, I'm very happy you liked the b-day blog we made for the countdown to Shoon's 18th b-day. ^__^ We had lots of fun doing it and hope that all the fans had fun as well. And yes, wouldn't it be amazing if one day he googled his name and found it. ^___^ I really would like him to know how many fans he has outside Japan.
aw hon i'm sorry i didn't mean to make you feel bad about it! :( i was just joking about getting angry~ ^^; ne, let's get to know each other, okay? XD
Hey, that's okay. =) It was me who was worried I had offended you. ^^ And yes, I'd like to get to know you better. ^__^ Thanks so much for reading this blog, and also for taking part on the icon contest! =)
Did you manage to find somewhere online the mp3s of Te wo tsunaide, the MS medley and the Xmas medley? When you left me the comment I was really busy with the countdown and work, but if you haven't found them I'll rip them for you. =)
How's your Yamabu fic going? ;-) The beginning was quite promising. Ganbatte! i found out that chibi hika sounded like akasaka akira from hikaru genji!! XDD serious, if you have the time try listen to hikaru genji's STARLIGHT @ 3:12. XD Really? LOL I'll have to search for that song and listen to it, ha, ha.
Regarding that rumour about Shoon... yeah, it was plain stupid. That's why I didn't bother to make a post about it. I think people who set off rumours are always nasty, but when they're trying to hurt somebody who is as kind-hearted as Shoon is it's just despicable. >_<#
Dylis: I'm very happy you like my blog. ^___^ Thanks for reading and commenting! i had no idea that Shoon has a brother. But still shoon is hotter. Well, give Reon some time to grow up and we'll see if he doesn't follow his brother's footsteps. ;-)
Yes, it seems it was Hikaru who was going too fast in Seishun Amigo when he performed it with Shoon. I think it was Fahlyu who mentioned it always happens that he forgets the thumb thing. LOL* Oh, and don't worry about expressing your opinions. I'm a huge Yamada fan, but it's just what you think, and I can respect that. =) Thank you so much, that's very sweet of you! ^___^
Ah, yes, Shoon sure had a lot to read on his b-day from the fans. =) I guess it would be better if he didn't google his name at all because he might find some things that would hurt him -like that stupid rumour of some days ago-, but somehow I wish somebody would tell him about the good things, like how many fans he has outside Japan and that we had a countdown for his 18th b-day too. ^^ Also... I'm glad you enjoyed the entry I wrote for the 20th. ^___^ Well, yes, it was addressed to Shoon, but since I knew it was unlikely he'd read it I wanted to share it with people like you and the other fans whom I knew share those feelings I poured in my b-day post. =)
I read the entry you wrote on your LJ for Shoon's b-day and liked it a lot. Actually these last days have been hectic for me, but I'd like to add entries (or at least links) on the b-day blog with the entries fans posted on their own blogs/LJs. =) Would you give me your permission to add yours? I don't know, it's unlikely, but wouldn't it be nice if one day Shoon came accross the b-day blog and saw how many people had been thinking of him on that day? ^^ As always thanks for visiting. ;-)
but I don't love Yabu because of his 'Tarzan's haughtiness'! XD (the whole Tarzan-Yabu and Jane-fangirls got me rolling on the floor)
Don't lie! You so do! XDDDDD No, seriously, there are many things I love about Yabu other than his Tarzan's haughtiness. I really, really want to write a long entry on him, but since his b-day is not far ahead I'll wait till then. ;-)
I can see why you were so torn about the Sgt Pepper outfit, most of it are from your fondest memories of Shoon, ne^^.
Ah, yes, yes. ;__; I LOVE that outfit dearly and at the same time I'll forever hate it because they made him wear it to sing his solo on his own produced SC. Is that even possible? LOL
Thanks Irea for all your effort in bringing us good stuffs for his birthday and all that you did so far to help us fans know Ya-Ya-yah better ^^v
That was really sweet, thank you. ^^BBB Akgla and I are really happy that people enjoyed the countdown. We had lots of fun doing it. =)
thx a lot for making Shoon fan video!! i watched it and that's make me even luv him more!!
Yay! ^__^ I'm very glad you liked it so much! =) ...which reminds me I still have to post it here. ^^
I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog entries. ^___^ I guess it's easy to write about the things you really like, ne?
when i first saw yayayah (which is just last week lol), the only one i noticed was yabu.. n yabu was also the first search i made of yayayah but than my interest in him settled n it turned to taiyo~
Welcome to the fandom then! =) And yes, Yabu does stand out, doesn't him? ;-) But then Taiyô is a really nice guy too. ^__^ He's getting handsomer and is no longer so much the baka of the group. =)
which video was it that taiyo sang osaka obacchan rock? can you tell me please :DD
It's the show from 2006.11.26. =)
That picture is if some nice person could just make it into a wallpaper so that I can look at Shoonie everyday...pretty please??!
Fahlyu has agreed to make a wallpaper of it and will post it Shoon daily LJ comm. ^___^ Are you a member of the community? If you aren't I can send it to you by e-mail. =)
Shoon is very cute like a girl,but look masculine in the same time
Yes, he's like the perfect balance between yin and yang (femenine and masculine). =) The first time my younger brother saw him he thought he was a very cute girl! LOL
Aw, I'm sorry you failed biology. =( Good luck with the rest of your tests. Ganbatte!
i'm a fan of ur blog. i'm setting ur page as my starting page of my Firefox XD
Wow, you've set my blog as your start page? ^___^ That's really flattering, thank you. I'm very happy you like it so much. =)
but where r u now? u haven't update ur blog for quite a long time (it's not really that long but i juz Miss u and every Shoon's stuff u write)
Aaaawwww... that was so sweet!! ^^BBB I'd like to update the blog everyday, but unfortunately of late I've been busy with work. I work as a translator and today I had to hand in a translation. I'll try and update more often. Thanks for visiting and commenting! ^^BBB
I have a question from that same magazine kindai... In the front cover pic of that magazine...does Yabu-kun have an earring??? on his left ear?
That's exactly what I thought when I saw the pics at Fiona's site, but in the large size scans you see it's not an earring, but just a white spot from the background of the photo. I do wonder though if Hikaru for instance will wear one soon, seeing that they've dyed Yabu's hair. That seems to be the trend with johnnys, ne? When they get older they have their hair dyed light brown or auburn, and some start wearing earrings. I can't picture Yabu or Shoon wearing earrings, Taiyô is still too young, but I can totally imagine Hikaru with one or too. It would look nice on him too, I think. =)
Anyway, in case you want to see the large scans of those pics you mention plus Shoon's page(credits to LJH forums)... (not Yabucchi's best pics really ^^U) Click on the pics to see the full size scans.
kin702ya308oa2 kin702ya303kt3 kin702ya302hr3 kin702ya301vj3
Thanks to lav_blue and fatalblue for your comments too. ^___^


YUI said...

i think yabucchi really got himself an earing. XD i bought the mag and was studying if he did or not. XD i guess he did. xD

awww` you're so nice, you remembered my fic! ILU<3 LOL i haven got the time at all! busy with xmas, some fellow JE friends who come down to singapore and had to bring her around and WORK! busy... but it's still going on. Don't worry. XD

But if that rumour is true i'll feel the pain for shoon. Being outcasted. You too don't you? XD And seriously, i'm getting more and more into shoon recently, so attached to the shoon fandom that i think it's scary. XD And your blog is the BEST place i can ever visit to get my shoon daily dosage<3 THANK YOU! XD

Geri said...

of course you can post the thing i wrote about Shoon! ♥ let's spread the love, ne? ;D

yuantim said...

Hello ^_^ Thanks for answering my question and even providing the scans!! You're awesome! Btw...I think that tradition of giving gifts on the Epiphany is very logical heheh...yeah...It makes me wonder how it went to Christmas day :) for gift exchanging

Lily said...

hi! yes, i did find the MP3s of the songs, but not the MS medley.
can you upload that on YSI?? thanks yoou! :D