December 29, 2006

call for help

I don't know if you know the Shoon daily LJ community I co-mod, Shoon around-the-clock, has an extension called The Beauty of That? The idea was to have an online "video library" with as many clips as possible of Shoon's SC performances, Ya3 show performances, his scenes from Satomi Hakkenden, Ya3 show clips... but it's so ambitious that I've realized I need help because I already have too much on my plate as it is with my personal blog, this blog, co-modding the S. a-t-c. community, maintaining the community's album... and last but not least, my real life obligations. I have a Michelangelo streak in me, a tendency to take up too many things at once, and I really have to do something about it 'cause I'm not a supergirl and it's taking its toll on me. ^^U

So the thing is I need some volunteer/s to help me maintain "The Beauty of That". What would you have to do? Upload clips to the community's [Dailymotion account], post them on the blog, and if you know a little html update the nav bar links. Of course you'd be credited on the blog. ^___^ Any kind soul wants to help?

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Geri said...

hiii :] i'd be willing to help if i can with the Shoon clips site! (^__^) i'm not very good with HTML but i'll help upload stuff....but would i have to like...have the stuff on my computer? XD; cuz i don't really have that many performances on my computer~