December 28, 2006

crappy wallpaper

[EDIT FOR LILY]: Here's the MS medley mp3 from SC you wanted uploaded at YSI. =]
I'm so obsessed with Shoon's latest pic from Kindai that it's getting ridiculous. XD Not only did I make an icon out of it, used it for the header, and replaced the one on the header of the b-day blog with it. Now I've also used it to make a new header for the layout of the Shoon daily community I co-mod with Akgla...:

...and I made a wallpaper too. ^^U I was trying to imitate Fahlyu, but totally failed and the result looked crappy, so I ended up making it simple. The text on the right is the same bad poem I wrote for [the layout] I used for Shoon's produced SC. XD

Anyway, in case somebody wants to use it...

[1280x1024] [1152x864 ] [1024x768] [800x600]


神ちゃん said...

LOL, I totally understand and share your obsession with that pic. And thank you for my new desktop wallpaper!

Emily said...

I love that picture too. Look at what I made. I laughed. Although I wish Shoon were smiling in this.

Lily said...

thank you so much! :D