December 19, 2006

Happy b-day, Shoon!

It's past midnight already in Tokyo, so... happy birthday, Shoon! ^___^
Puppet dear, you turn 18 today and it's almost been a year since we first "met". It was in the most unlikely of all places, a blog that had nothing to do with Japan, nor with JE, and much less with Ya-Ya-yah. But there you were, in a YouTube video clip, performing Start along with Taiyô, Hikaru, and Yabu in the TV Tokyo studios where you’ve been doing your TV show for four years now.
Of course I had no idea the four of you had a TV show, I had no idea who you were, and I knew nothing about Johnny’s Entertainment. I hadn’t even heard of it.
All I had was what didn’t even sound like a band name, Ya-Ya-yah, but with that I set off in the search of... Yabu. ^^ Yes, I know you must be shocked to read that. Yabu?, not you? Yes, I admit it: it was Yabu who caught my eye at first. Well, he’s the one who stands out more because being the leader he’s the one who gets to sing more and the one who gets more camera time. Also... don’t get jealous, but he seemed quite good looking to me and then there’s this boyish magnetism he has. Perhaps there’s a little haughtiness in his attitude, but we girls are silly creatures that often feel attracted to that kind of primitive male appeal. You know, the “me, Tarzan; you, Jane” thing. XD I suppose it’s in our genes.
The second time I saw you I didn’t take much notice of you either. *whacks herself on the head* It was a Shônen Club performance you did in 2005; a medley of songs by The Jackson Five. It was Yabu again that stole all my attention. Can I be blamed? His singing and dancing were so amazing for his age! Hikaru and him were wearing those curious outfits that reminded me of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper outfits. You and Taiyô wore outfits along that line, but they were slightly different; not cool, but a bit... clownish. Hey, don’t glare at me like that!, it’s the first adjective that comes to mind. What with those striped sleeves, the tailed coat, and the loose trousers... ^^U
Okay, so perhaps I thought you looked clownish for half a second, but then, watching you dance, you reminded me of a puppet. Your moves were smooth and elegant, and your feet didn’t quite seem to touch the stage, as if your legs were being pulled by strings from someone above. You yourself reminded me of a puppet as well... or more exactly of a drawing of a puppet from a book I read when I was a child. His hair was jet black and messy, like yours used to be back then —I miss your messy, wild hair! ^o^ —, and he was dressed like a harlequin, with a jacket of striped sleeves similar to the one you were wearing.
I remember I thought you were kind of cute, but that was it. The first time I actually took notice of you was when I came across your first solo performance, Top Secret. You were wearing the same outfit, but you had some fake white and violet strands on your hair, attached here and there. My impressions of you then were that you were a strange, but cool kid with a beautiful, elfish face that danced really well, and once again I was strongly reminded of a puppet as I watched your performance.
From that moment on, for me Yabu stepped into the background —I still like him, but not quite as much as I like you [sorry, Yabucchi ^^]. I started watching old and recent episodes from your TV show and Shônen Club, and gradually I grew more and more intrigued by you. You are like the yin-yang personified, the head and tails of a coin. Sometimes you’re endearingly childish, talkative, bubbly; others you are quiet, seemingly melancholic... a little distrusting even.
You can break a wooden board with your fist, cross the length of a red carpet on water, do amazing backflips... but there’s a delicate and jumpy Shoon too, like you were the time Hikaru broke that plate on the slow motion segment of your show, like that time you went to see a tiger at the zoo with Koyama and Hikaru, or that other time when you were visiting the trousers factory and the pebbles cascaded “dangerously” from the stone-washing machine. LOL
I like both sides of you just as much because they complement each other; because they make you the unique, fascinating, complex person you are; because those contradictions were what made me fall in love with you.
But there also those things in you that don’t change whether you’re having a good or a bad day, whether you’re feeling restless or tired. You’re always honest, always respectful, always careful not to hurt others feelings... and for that I love you even more.
The calendar dates my love to you back to just 11 months, but it’s actually been 4 years that I’ve been in love with you. Do you know that cheesy song that goes “I knew I loved you before I met you”? Well, I wouldn’t go as far as claiming that because I’m not a clairvoyant, but I love the Shoon you were in 2003, when the Ya-Ya-yah TV show started, the Shoon you were in 2004, 2005, and the Shoon you’ve been along this year that is coming to its end.
If I were a clairvoyant I’d look into my crystal ball and tell you what I see in your future, but I don’t believe in such things, and as I said I’m not a clairvoyant anyway. The only certain thing about the future is that it’s completely uncertain, but you have two weapons that will surely help you to overcome whatever difficulties you may find in your way: one is your good heart; the other your strong will. Count always on them.
I hope you’ll have a wonderful birthday, and in this year of your life that begins I wish you above all else good health and much love from your family, friends, and perhaps from that special someone we all dream of meeting. Those are the most important things to have. Money and fame won’t make you happy and happiness is something fleeting, but if you have love and good health you’ll be the richest, most fortunate person in the world. ^___^
PS: Make sure you don't miss tomorrow's surprise at the countdown b-day blog!! ;-)


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神ちゃん said...

I just finished my own blog entry, then I came over here and... oh my, Shoon has a lot of stuff to read today. And he better does, LOL!

I know this wasn't directed at me or any other fan but at Shoon himself, but it was wonderful to read, so thank you for sharing.

Geri said...

XD yay for writing blog entries about Shoon~ :D at first i just put up a big bday banner thing for him, then i came here to download the latest Ya3 ep and noticed the new banner and new post...and then i went back to edit my post and added a bunch of my own thoughts on Shoon. (^__^) all this love for Shoon is making me so happy =D and btw i agree with the last comment-- thanks for writing this post b/c it was just so....<33333 :D

allyson said...

LOL but I don't love Yabu because of his 'Tarzan's haughtiness'! XD (the whole Tarzan-Yabu and Jane-fangirls got me rolling on the floor)

I can see why you were so torn about the Sgt Pepper outfit, most of it are from your fondest memories of Shoon, ne^^..Good heart and strong will, Shoon definitely has that both!

Thanks Irea for all your effort in bringing us good stuffs for his birthday and all that you did so far to help us fans know Ya-Ya-yah better ^^v

Anonymous said...

thx a lot for making Shoon fan video!!
i watched it and that's make me even luv him more!!

j0j0 said...

i love your blog entries, it's always so funny! ^^ great work.

that is so true for me too. when i first saw yayayah (which is just last week lol), the only one i noticed was yabu.. n yabu was also the first search i made of yayayah but than my interest in him settled n it turned to taiyo~ @@