December 22, 2006

a work of art

[EDIT]: Even though the countdown to Shoon's b-day already came to its end, there will be new entries with anything you want us to post there for all Shoon fans to see (b-day banners you made, poems to Shoon or whatever). Also... please don't forget to vote on the fic poll!!
Dear Mr. photographer of Kindai magazine,
thanks for the best picture ever of Shoon. Of all the Christmas presents a fan could get this was the best. Nobody before you had managed to capture that look in those soulful eyes. If it were a painted portrait I'd compare you to Leonardo or Velázquez.
On to more prosaic things, I updated the treasure box with the latest TV show - 2006 12.17 ; and thanks to Yungboy (thanks a million!! ^___^) you'll also find the following SC clips there: 2002.12.22 Ding-Dong Medley, 2004.06.06 Singin' For You-Sekai, 2005.01.16 Just Wanna Lovin' You, 2006.03.05 Good News.


alei said...

awwwwsome !!
That pic of Shoon is very cutie and handsome !! (*≧w≦*)ノ”
And Thanks for uploading all those videos !! <3

Anonymous said...

which video was it that taiyo sang osaka obacchan rock? can you tell me please :DD

NEWShFAN said...

I totally agree with you! That picture is if some nice person could just make it into a wallpaper so that I can look at Shoonie everyday...pretty please??!

alei said...

Just wanna wish u a merri christmas and a Happi NewYear !

YUI said...

YES the picture is really really attractive. I was on train back home from town and i just flipped to shoon's page, stared at it for the whole journey which is about 30mins. I just cant take my eyes off that picture. It sort of guled my eyes onto it! XD

Geri said...

i totally agree, that is like one of the best pics of Shoon EVER~! :D merry christmas & happy new year! [or happy holidays] XD

Mei said...

Hi Irea-san >W< remember me ?
Thx for many clips . .I like Ding-Dong very much Arigatou~~

The first time I saw the pic I screamed = / / = hahaha~ Shoon is very cute like a girl,but look masculine in the same time ~

PS* Merry Christmas & Happy new Year~
PS2* Now I have a test =[]= very sad , I scared I will fell biology test TT^TT so serious~

yuantim said...

Hi Irea...Happy Holidays. Yes I totally agree that's such a handsome pic of Shoon! Ah..but I have a question from that same magazine about Yabu...I know my bad since not about Shoon right? But I have to get a second opinion...In the front cover pic of that magazine...does Yabu-kun have an earring??? on his left ear? I saw the pic on Fiona's site Happy town. Thank you for creating such a good website...I'm the one who requested for the Honey to Darling eps back in the day :) Arigatou!!!

Anonymous said...

hey irea!
Merry X mas and also Happy New Year
i'm a fan of ur blog
pls believe that i'm setting ur page as my starting page of my Firefox XD

but where r u now?
u haven't update ur blog for quite a long time
(it's not really that long but i juz Miss u and every Shoon's stuff u write)
anyway, i'll be waiting for ur new update!!