January 25, 2007

2007.03 Myojo scans

I still have to write that happy-belated birthday entry for Taiyô ^^U , but I thought I'd make a short entry to share with you all the 2007.03 Myojo scans I snagged from the Chinese forums LJH (credits go to Zansanhane, who scanned them).
As always the username is "shoonbday" and the password "happybday". Click here to download the scans:


YUI said...

LOL! thanks for sharing. XDD I will attempt to try those quiz when i am free. XD And it a quiz about the members! To test how much we know about them. Btw, i did a trans about the MYOJO rankings in the ya3 com<3 I'm so proud of hikaru, he seems to be quite popular. And quite disappointed because yabu gets so little awards only.

Btw, shoon was ranked 4th for the strongest Jr, 5th for Most suitable for kimono Jr and Most intelligent Jr. 3rd for Jr with best fashion sense!! XD YAY!!

alei said...

omg omg omg omg .. Thank u for sharing these scans!! <3