January 26, 2007

Baka no more

Dear Taiyô,

Being the nice, understanding guy you are I know you will forgive me for having missed your birthday, ne? ^^ I feel kind of bad for not having been able to write this entry on the 18th because, just so you know, you are a very special person to me. =]
You’re 16 now, but that’s just a number. You’ve grown so much in this past year, though, and I’m not speaking of your height. Gone now is the lovable baka you were, and even though I miss him a little, I like the new you even better.
You’ve become a self-confident young man who is well-bred, diligent, and never makes a fuss of anything. Shoon often gets morose when the two of you only get to back-dance, or when during a report you have to follow Yabu and Hikaru around and don’t get to do much. I’ve never ever seen you even pull a face though, and you’ve had to stand a good many “humiliating” situations just because somebody decided you had to play the role of the baka in the show.
No, I’ve never seen you complain. You endure everything with patience and good humour, and that sunny smile you’re famous for hardly ever faulters.
The world would be a better place if there were more people in it like you. People who love their grandparents so much they mention them without being ashamed; people who wait quietly and calmly in their place, minding their own business, hurting no one; people whose innocence and goodness has never been tainted even though their sensitivity has no doubt made them suffer.
I wish you the very best in this new year of your life, Taiyô-kun. Never lose that beautiful smile.


Salad said...

haha, I'm sure Taiyou will frgive you for being late. What a nice birthday entry! Everything you said is true. I will miss the baka side of him (it was so cute); but I don't think he'll fit the role that well anymore. He's grown too much. Nice picture there by the way :)

myri_chan@LJ said...

I didn't think Taiyou was a person like this. I liked him and I noticed he changed lately, but I don't know him deeply like you.
I'm into JE since 2003 but I never paid too much attention to them, except lately.
Sensei, I hope to learn a lot of things from your blog!

Ps. Taiyou will forgive you for sure! xD