January 20, 2007

catching up on things

Hi, I'm back. =] How have you all been? Thanks to everyone who has left comments and sent me e-mails during this week, and thanks also to those of you who expressed your concern for me. ^^BBB
So... I have to catch up on a lot of things, cut video file clips from the last SC, upload them, write an entry to belatedly wish Taiyô a happy birthday (sorry, Taiyô-kun U___U and sorry Taiyô fans. I didn't have the time to make a birthday post or header for the layout, but I'll make it up to you in the next days. ;-)), answer comments... Lots of things, really, but to begin with I'll make a post to say that I'm really happy I was wrong: Taiyô and Shoon DID sing "A Hard Day's Night" together with Hikaru and Yabu on the New Year concert. ^_____^ On last Sunday's show they showed a report of the concert at the end, and there they were, dressed just like Yabu and Hikaru as well.
Here's the clip for you to watch:
Also... I've uploaded more of Yuantim's Ya-Ya-yah clippings scans (thanks again, Yuantim!!). These are fromt he 2004 October issue of Wink Up (see previews below), so Hoshino Masaki was still there. =) To download the full-size scans click on the link below. [username: shoonbday ; password: happybday]
And last but not least, I've updated the videos section with links for the last two Ya-Ya-yah shows and also more SC clips courtesy of Yungboy (thanks!!!).
PS: Oh, yes... Shiro Majou... You wanted the song I used on the Shookaru video, ne? Here you are: A Happy Ending by Maaya Sakamoto from her album Yuunagi Loop. =)


Anonymous said...

woww miss u so!!

Geri said...

OMG Shoon and Taiyo :D aaaahhh that was so cute~ i loved how Taiyo and Morimoto [i couldn't tell which one but i think it was Shintaro] were next to each other and stuff because the height difference is so big! XD; and those black and orange outfits that Ya3 was wearing are awesome! (^^) and OMG that flip that Shoon did was love <3333 that concert looks so fun! i just wish they'd put the junior concerts on DVD or something, cuz that is definitely worth buying! >]

thanks for those scans btw~ :]

Anonymous said...

would u pls update the SC in ur video section too?
thx a lot

PS* i want the NY concert clip so bad but i cant find any where to DL it. do u have it, Irea?

chookie said...

man its times like this that you wish you were in Japan and going to this concert. I loved Shoon's flip it was so sexy and all the ya ya yah's having so much fun and yabu at the end was all smiles.

Thanks heaps for uploading that clip Irea!

shiro majou said...

Irea-san!! Doomo arigatou for the mp3!! There should be more nice people like you in the world :D
Chibi Ya3 is always a good thing to see ^^

Anonymous said...

wow! ur Taiyo-kung's header is so lovely!!
i luv it!!