January 23, 2007

comments and pics

I've changed the header, which as you can see now features Taiyô. =) Since I missed his birthday I've decided that to make it up to him and all the Taiyô fans out there this will be "Taiyô's week" and the header will stay till next Monday. ^__^ I still have to write a "happy-belated-birthday entry" and do many other things. ^^U Anyway, today I've uploaded more of Yuantim's scans to the album. (Thanks again, Yuantim! =)) These are from the 2003 November issue of Wink Up, when both Hoshino and Akama were still around, though strangely enough there's a photoshoot with them, and another without them nor Hikaru. O_o? Perhaps there are some pages missing? As always the username is "shoonbday" and the password "happybday". Click here to to download them.

Okay, on to the replies...

み使い: Um, nope, Reon hadn't been on Jr. ni Q. by himself before. SC 2007.01.07 was the first time. He was still rather nervous, but not so much as the first time, ne? And yes, they are all getting more and more handsome by the day. ^___^

Geri: I'm sure I had a bigger version of that pic of Taiyô and his sister Tsuki somewhere. I'll have to look for it. I wonder if she's much younger than him. And yes, I too wish they'd sell DVDs of the junior concerts. =) I hope Ya3 will wear those new orange and black outfits on February SC. ^^B Shoon gets to wear a skirt again. XD

keifuXueda: I too hope we'll get to see more of Reon soon. =] Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Shoon and Reon reading letters to each other in the Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô segment? ^^B Thanks for commenting, and I'm very happy you liked BnS. *^___^*

Yui: Yay, then you noticed the way Shoon looked at the camera during the Jr. ni Q too? ^^B That soft gaze of his is a killer weapon, ha, ha. I think you're right when you say that Shoon acts all smug when he's with Reon. LOL It's really funny and cute, isn't it? And yes, in a way they look like a couple because as you say Reon is more femenine -probably just because he's younger because his voice is not girly at all LOL- and Shoon is more masculine. Can you imagine Shoon with Reon's voice and the other way around? XD i had to repeat the peformance 4 times, once focusing on each member, to really enjoy it. LOL! Ha, ha, that happens to me too. XD I tend to focus on Shoon too much the first time I watch performances and hardly notice anybody else. ^^UUU

Chic_flick: Are you still having problems with Media Fire?

Anonymous: was j.j. express apart of this SC? cuz i dun think i saw them! You're right, we didn't get to see much of them on that SC. They did have a great performance on the 2nd SC of January though. =) It would be great if they got to produce an SC soon, ne?

Chookie: Yes, it's funny how Taiyô towers over the boxes in the New Year concert booklet, ha, ha. Actually he towers over everyone. XD Yabu has done a lot of growing too in the last months though. I loved Shoon's flip it was so sexy I loved it too! ^___^ It was really elegant as well, and not his usual backflip. and yabu at the end was all smiles He was all smiles indeed. =) He has such an infectious smile, doesn't he?

Airi: Glad to hear you had fun in your Xmas holidays. I went to France once, years ago, but just a couple of days, and it was to a small town called Lourdes. You should totally come to visit Spain in Xmas, you'd love it. ^___^ Okay, if you do come, I'll tell you about all the must-sees. =)

Starry: Was wondering if you knw how to get these actual pics? The New Year concert pics? Hmm... I guess you might bid for them at Yahoo auctions Japan if there are any available, or perhaps ask in the absolute-baka forums? ^^ I'm afraid I can't help you much in that.

Anonymous: i juz found this in the YA3 fansite in my country(Thailand) the source is from a Thai exchange student in Jap which studies in Horikoshi highschool she say that shoon always comes to school very late (10PM) and have some kind of fighting with another boys at school!! all of this seems impossible to me shoon in my thought is a well-mannered, warm-hearted and romantic guy so i decided believe in nothing until i see it with my own eyes what do u think? Nah, don't believe a word about all those silly rumours that fly around. =) Can you imagine Shoon fighting with anybody? I certainly can't. ^^ Also... why would anyone go to school at night to fight? XD Besides, Shoon is a busy guy with both his studies and work.

Shiro Majou: I kind of like Taisho too. =) The only pairing I can't imagine, for the life of me is Hikabu, though it seems to be very popular in China. XD I'm glad you like the song of the Shookaru fanvideo. I love all of Maaya Sakamoto's songs. She has a great voice.

Marz: You're metronomememory on LJ, right? =) That pic from the New Year concert booklet in which Shoon standing alone on one side and the other 3 on the other makes me feel sad too. T__T

Anonymous: woww miss u so!! Aw, that was very sweet, thank you. ^^B I've missed you all too, but well, work is work. *sigh*

Anonymous: Yes, I'll upload clips from the 2nd SC episode from January, don't worry. ^__^ PS* i want the NY concert clip so bad but i cant find any where to DL it. That clip is part of the latest Ya3 show. =) If you don't want the whole show, but just that clip, tell me and I'll upload it for you.

Anonymous: Glad you like Taiyô's header. ^___^ It was meant to be for his birthday, but I was too busy then. U___U


メロンハム said...

Taiyo's sister is 4 years younger then him, if you were wondering

Marz said...

Yup! I'm metronomememory on lj. ^^

The new header looks great btw.

It's so weird to look at old pictures of them and see how much they've grown XD~

That pic from the New Year concert booklet in which Shoon standing alone on one side and the other 3 on the other makes me feel sad too. T__T
Don't worry. Shoon totally works that left page on his own XD

j0j0 said...

ah a taiyo header! so cute. i love it. i wonder y there's not much people who like taiyo tho.. but yeah thanx for making a header even after his bday XD

ive made a wallpaper in memorial of his bday too so if anyone wants it please visit my site XD