January 27, 2007


Inspired by the awesomeness of Bre's latest Yamabu fic I made a silly, fangirly video with silly, fangirly comments on the latest live stage just for fun. XD Yamabu is ♥. ^^BBB [The original is a .wmv file, so the quality after uploading it to Dailymotion is not too good. If you want to watch it in better quality you can download it here]
PS: Tomorrow I'll make an entry about the latest SC and update the videos section with clips from it. =)


Kichi said...

Yamabu <3

Yes Yamabu hand holding is a whole lot different then Hikabu!

Gosh, Shoon is trying to kill us with the finger lip JIN thing!

Geri said...

UWAH!!! SHOKURA FROM 1/21....?! T__T *runs off to go find that*

XDDDDD your video made me *squee* (^___^)

monica said...

the fan video is cute...!!

Anonymous said...

shoon isn't good at bowling isn't he? LOL

but Yabucchi is so COOL!

Mei said...

I really like "Yamabu" >W<~~

Annie said...

Hi, this is the first time I'm commenting, but your fan video was sooo funny!!! ^0^ It made me laugh so much - especially with the part about holding hands! :D