January 31, 2007

Happy 17 Yabucchi!

Dear Yabucchi,
no matter how hard I try, I can’t pinpoint the exact date when you left behind the bratty, sometimes not very sensitive kid you used to be —especially in what regarded Shoon—, and became the adorable, bashful, and respectful young man you have become.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to call you Kôta; it would feel just weird, but I’ve grown so fond of you that I need to call you something other than Yabu, so Yabucchi it is. Hope you won’t mind.
There’s so much in a name. Now you’re the leading junior it seems like you were always destined to be “the Chosen One”. Not even back in 2003, when you were that tiny, skinny child with a squeaky voice, did anybody call you Kôta.
I think I only heard Jin call you that once in the Universal Studios episode. You were fooling around and climbed to the edge of a fountain. A light rain was falling and it was probably slippery, so Bakanishi, who seems to really care for you, called out to you by your first name with a warning note in his tone, telling you to get down from there. You obeyed at once, for even though you were a little bit of a mischief maker, you were also obedient, yes. =]
Other than that time, I can’t recall anybody else calling you Kôta. People call you a “prince” (which leaves Shoon for the princess, Hikaru for the jester, and Taiyô could be your counselor when you became king), and in a way I think it’s not just because of your elegant bearing, but also because you’ve always been treated like a prince by the jimushô. When you were younger they spoiled you in every possible way —so much it’s almost a miracle you’ve become the sensible, modest person you’ve become—, but they also made you aware from the beginning that they would expect more from you than from anybody else.
I imagine that must be hard, and I’m sure sometimes you must be tired, or worried... perhaps even slightly nervous, but you rarely let it show. It’s evident though that you enjoy what you do, and through your enjoyment you make the public take part in that excitement that seems to run through your body like an electric current the moment you go on stage. That trademark smile of yours is always prompt to grace your pretty, pouty lips, and the moment it does you win every heart. Hikaru’s smile is the perfection of imperfection; Taiyô’s is sunshine caught in his amazingly white teeth; Shoon’s carries a tenderness that makes you feel warm inside... but yours is the very definition of an infectious smile.
You’ve changed so much in just a few months. When I started writing BnS, back in April of last year, you were the same height as Shoon, even slightly smaller. Now you’re almost a head taller than him which totally spoils my idea of Yamabu, because the way I wrote it you were the feminine one in the pair XD.
I also described your dancing as “a little forceful” (I know, I’m mean XD), but you’ve improved to the point that it’s a joy to watch you dance. =) You’re so natural now, and it’s so obvious you’re having fun when you’re on stage! ^__^
My wish for you on this 17th year of your life is that you’ll keep on enjoying everything you do, and that your enthusiasm will never die. I also have one thing to beg of you, though: please pay more attention to Shoon. XD;;;
PS: Another birthday present for Yabu fans: a collection of scans of Yabu shop pics (that one below is a particular favourite of mine - you will no doubt imagine why XD) Credits go to FANTCHIL, who posted them at the Little Juniors Heaven forums. =) Click on the link below to see the rest. [username: shoonbday; password: happybday]


Esther said...

Yay, happy 17th Yabucchi ^^

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to call you Kôta; it would feel just weird, but I’ve grown so fond of you that I need to call you something other than Yabu, so Yabucchi it is. Hope you won’t mind.

rofl. Me and Fannucchi are trying to call him Kota, but miserably failing XD

Great read as always hun. <33

(aargh, I want my latest shop pics >.<)

rin_3 said...


allyson said...

OMG the description of Ya-Ya-yah's smiles = <333333333333333

Infectious, yes. Lovely birthday entry, Irea! please write more entries about Yabucchi XD

Fuji said...

Hello :)! First time commenting here >_< Hope that's alright.


He's my favourite lol >_<.

Awesome birthday entry :). Thanks for the pics as well! Your blog is super helpful for us Ya-Ya-yah fans XD.

Keep up the awesome entries ;)! Take care *

Sere said...

Oh my god this post for Yabu's birthday beats anyone else's >_< It was super cute, really.. And I totally understand you not being able to call him Kota, I can't do that to, it's way weird... But anyway I want to wish prince Yabu a happy birthday too ~<3 and also my congrats for you and this amazing blog ~~

Geri said...

i swear, you always have the best things to say about the boys' bdays (^___^) i'm tempted to go edit my birthday post and write my own little....thing, but i'd probably just end up rambling about random stuff and i know it wouldn't be half as good as what you said >]

did Bakanishi really call him Kota in the Universal Studios special thing?? must go watch that again <3 XDDD

Prince Yabu = "kyaa~ oujisama~" ♥ [words taken directly from Shoon's comment in the 2007.1 Myojo~~XD]

thanks again for uploading all of these wonderful pictures :]

P.S. they way you described the boys' smiles is so.....true~ :D