January 13, 2007


Just a short entry to tell you that due to work and personal problems I won't be able to update till next weekend. See you all then. ^^B
PS: The pics below are scans from the New Year concert booklet. Credits: Motomimost (LJH forums)


神ちゃん said...

Thanks for sharing. ^^

Airi said...

Yeah! I went to Paris and Bayeux haha~ It was fun :) I almost forgot I liked Japanese idols when I was there, because all the people in France are so good looking D: Christmas in Spain sounds fun XD My parents want to go there next year for christmas and new years XD Lala you should tell me all the good places to go haha >D ~

BTW thanks for the email :3 I emailed you back.

alei said...

Hey Irea !
Thanks for sharing these pics <3 I am totally loving Taiyo and Shoon in these ~~ hehe And I like Hikaru's gloves XD haha ~

Chookie said...

thanks for those pics irea, i love how taiyo still towers over those red boxes while the others dont, so cute.

Also, it is just me or does Hikaru's face look old in the second pic where he is smiling and when i say old i mean in an elderly kind of way

starry said...

HOMG THANKIUUUUUUUUU for the pics <3 <3 <3!! Was wondering if you knw how to get these actual pics? Gah I love em so much <3~~

And I hope you work and stuffs go well ne, think Shoon when you're down XD~~ <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Irea!
(if u don't remember me, i'm the one tellin u that i'm set ur blog as my startin page XD)
I haven't check ur blog out all along NY that juz past coz i didn't bring my notebook back to my home

and the first thing i do when i come back to my university and be able to access through the internet is opening ur blog!!

as i expected, i found a lot of stuff u updated
i'm really happy when downloadin and watchin all of shoon clips and pics
thx a lot for sharing this to me!!

and now i have to wait for ur return again
that makes me sufferin ToT

umm.. one thing to tell u
i juz found this in the YA3 fansite in my country(Thailand)

the source is from a Thai exchange student in Jap which studies in Horikoshi highschool

she say that shoon always comes to school very late (10PM) and have some kind of fighting with another boys at school!!

all of this seems impossible to me
shoon in my thought is a well-mannered, warm-hearted and romantic guy
so i decided believe in nothing until i see it with my own eyes
what do u think Irea?

good luck with ur work

Geri said...

*o* OMG THOSE PICTURES ARE SO AWESOME <3 (^__^) thanks for sharing~

marz said...

OH OH OH! I like those scans XD! Though the first one looks awkward though doesn't it? Shoon standing all on his lonesome... Makes me a bit sad too.

The second one is adorable though. XD Shoon's hair looks all fluffy *wants to touch it* >__> EH HEM...

Taiyo's pants are too tight. XP

Sorry for not commenting in a while XD I'll try to pop in more every now and then!