January 03, 2007

yamabu VS shokaru

[I've updated the treasure box with links for the special Ya3 show that aired on the 30th. ^__^ credits to Lakyniu's clubbox]
Warning: this will be a crazy, fangirly, slashy entry, so beware. XD
[In case you know nothing about the “Yamabu-Shokaru wars” LOL , “Yamabu” is a name Fahlyu came up with to refer to the pairing ShoonxYabu (or rather YamashitaxYabu) in fanfiction. Others prefer to call it “Shôta” (ShoonxKôta). “Shokaru” is the name Esther (who happens to be a big Hikaru fan) gave to the pairing ShoonxHikaru (not that there’s any Shokaru fic around yet, but... =p). Shokaru fans argue they can’t see any signs of Yamabu in the Ya3 show/SC, while Yamabu fans believe the supposed signs of Shokaru pointed out by their fans are just signs of a good friendship. Probably both of us Yamabu and Shokaru fans are wrong and they're all straight, but who cares? LOL]

I bet Esther thought I’d be pulling at my hair when I saw the Ya3 show from Dec. 24th. Admit it, you little meanie! XD Actually, the Yamabu fan in me felt a little betrayed when my friend Kami wrote an entry yesterday with this screencap from the show in which Hikaru is running with Shoon and they're holding hands, and under which she wrote “Shokaru is love”. Have you been seduced by the dark side too? XD

I hadn’t watched the show yet, but when I did I just went “awww” and didn’t feel murderous at all. Go me! XD I don’t think it’s a sign of Shokaru, but it was so sweet!

I like Hikaru best when he’s with Shoon for three reasons: Firstly, because he’s more like himself when he’s with Shoon (I’ve noticed he tries to act cool when he’s with Yabu, for instance). Secondly, because he brings out the childish side of Shoon and because Shoon seems so very at ease with him! =) And thirdly, because he really cares for Shoon and it shows.

Hikaru seems a very loving person, as a matter of fact, always prompt to give warm hugs and make those around him smile and laugh. Actually one of my favourite Hikaru “memories” from the Ya3 show is from the 2003 episode in which Ya-Ya-yah played bowls against K.K.Kitty. There’s a moment in which Shoon has knocked down 7 pins, and Hikaru goes to hug him. It's just adorable, as Shoon's smile is when he hugs back. Taiyô clumsily joins in a group hug LOL , and meanwhile Yabu is... well, Yabu is a few steps away, not jumping up and down or anything even though a member of his team has managed a 7-pin strike. O__o?!? How WEIRD is that? Everytime I watch that episode I want to hug Hikaru and smack Yabu hard on the head.
Actually that -among many, many other little details- was one of the things that made me wonder at first if perhaps Shoon and Yabu hated or disliked each other for some reason. It doesn't really seem the case though, does it? I mean, you see them smile -and quite brightly at that too- in the very few times they've been paired together for a photoshoot, and they also seem to get along when they've made a report together for their show.
My theory is that not only they do not hate each other, but actually like each other. Not necessarily in a romantic way, mind you (we'll leave that for the fics, ne?), but it seems to me that they are a bit in awe of each other and are, therefore, a little awkward with each other, which makes them appear seemingly distant.
I think Shoon is in awe of Yabu because he's the leader of the group and the leader among the juniors, and also because in spite of being younger than him Yabu's always been more sure of himself.
On the other hand, I think Yabu is in awe of Shoon because of his acrobatic skills, the fact that he's older, and because of his cool, quiet guy façade.
Yabu is harder to read than Shoon, but it seems pretty obvious they'd like to be closer to each other but don't know how to achieve it.
Yabu has spoken in similar terms of him, complaining that he hardly sees Shoon at school, and commenting on what a mystery Shoon is to him and that he'd like to get to know him better.
On one occasion Shoon mentioned he often hangs out with Hikaru and Taiyô but rarely with Yabu and said he'd like to change that. And it's not just that. There are like a dozen little things that make you wonder when you watch him closely on the Ya3 show and SC. Want a couple of examples of those little things?
One is from a 2003 show in which they included a little report about the Stand by Me play Ya-Ya-yah starred in in 2003 and 2004. They show Yabu and Shoon after the play. Shoon is in a corridor and Yabu appears suddenly, running. Shoon opens his arms to hug him, but Yabu (somebody smack him on the head for me, please) ignores him and continues running. Poor Shoon tries to act as if nothing had happened.
The other is a very recent example, from the Shounen Club Xmas special. During the opening the camera shows all the juniors, and when it gets to Shoon, who is talking to a Question member, he turns his head towards Yabu and stares at him with what seems to me a longing look. But perhaps it's just me and my Yamabu obsession. LOL
Anyway, this Yamabu VS Shookaru thing inspired me to make two short fanvideos. XD The first one is an angsty one for Yamabu, because their relation seems a bit angsty, and the song I used is "Too much love will kill you", by Queen. The other is a cute one for Shokaru fans with the song "A Happy Ending" by Maaya Sakamoto. ^^ The title I gave the second one, "The Princess and the Jester" refers to Shoon and Hikaru. XD Shoon would be the princess and Hikaru the jester. Actually it came about because they remind me of a tale by Oscar Wilde called "The Birthday of the Infanta". ("infanta" is a Spanish royal title similar to "princess")
This one is dedicated to all the Yamabu fans out there:
And this one to Shookaru fans, Esther in particular, for whom I'm writing a Shookaru fic... believe it or not. ^^


神ちゃん said...

Have I been seduced by the dark side? Honey, I AM the dark side, muahahahahahhaaaa I'm your father Yabu haaa haaaaaaaa...


Seriously though, no, I didn't mean to betray you by saying "Shokaru is love". You wrote the amazing Yamabu fanfic Bokura no Secret, and you know that I loved it (one of the best EVER!), and I will never stop saying that Yamabu is ♥. But you know what, when it comes to Ya-Ya-yah I have such a hard time making up my mind. I think Shokaru is ♥ too. And before you ask: I think that Yaokawa and Shokawa and Yabukawa would be ♥ too.

I can't believe you're writing a Shokaru fanfic for Esther (why is everybody [including myself] doing what she wants them to do?!). But I'm looking forward to it so much. This combination and your writing skills will be ♥♥♥♥♥.

One is from a 2003 show in which they included a little report about the Stand by Me play Ya-Ya-yah starred in in 2003 and 2004. They show Yabu and Shoon after the play. Shoon is in a corridor and Yabu appears suddenly, running. Shoon opens his arms to hug him, but Yabu (somebody smack him on the head for me, please) ignores him and continues running. Poor Shoon tries to act as if nothing had happened.

Um, what show is this clip from? And why have I never seen it before (I think I haven't?). Anyway, the next time I see Yabu I won't slap his head, I'LL KICK HIS ASS! That was so rude, ignoring Shoon to be a camera whore. Really.

Geri said...

OMG i totally noticed that look that Shoon gave Yabu in the Shokura xmas special too!! XDDDDD and oh gosh..YABU YOU...rawr. Shoon opens his arms to hug him, but Yabu ignores him and continues running. yea, that one really deserves a smack on the head or something ¦D CAMERA HOG!!! XD; but then i dunno, when i was watching the 2006.12.24 Ya3 ep, when Hikaru was holding hands with Shoon and stuff...like you, i saw it more as Hikaru being a good friend~ [although i do see how that could lead to Shookaru LOVE XD;] but still....Yabu's obliviousness [is that even a word? XD] is totally reminding me of your fic BnS (^^)
anyways, cute fanvideos! ;D

fahlyu said...

So many Shookaru (and Taibu) pictures and hints have been appearing lately, it's hurting my Yamabu pride. XDD

Haha I actually could ship any Ya3 pairing, I just like Yamabu the most. ^^ (but I'm srsly going somewhat crazy with this, anytime I see green and red together I'm like, "ZOMGYAMABU♥" XD) Shookaru's not too bad, it's just fun to annoy Esther with it. XD Regarding Hikaru though, I'll probably always like his and Taiyo's relationship the most (not necessarily in the romantic way), because it's just so..real. Like you can be sure that they're good friends. :D
Nice fanvids! Though it makes me kinda sad that Shookaru seems..happier than Yamabu. XD;;

Henny said...

I actually like both pairings!!! Yamabu is the first ya3 pairing i stumbled upon but i also like Shookaru because they're just soooo CUTE together!! I would love to see a Shookaru fic from you, since they're a rare pairing!!

chookie said...

i love your song choice and the little movies, very cute. I also noticed while watchign that 24/12 ep that Shoon really is muscles because if you look at the difference between Hikaru and Shoon's arms thickness its insane

Esther said...

I am so proud of you, honey ;) It took you a while to see the light, but there you are.

I'm just hoping you'll get caught in your own Shookaru fic and perhaps it'll turn into the longest fic this world has ever seen. ♥

rofl @ Fannucchi. I have the same thing with green/blue (remember the chairs? ;))

I think I have the same thing with Yaokawa as you have with Shookaru, they're just too adorable. ♥♥

(geez, what is it with everyone here talking about me, I'm not as manipulative as everyone implies I am, mind you XD)


Emily said...

I downloaded the new Ya3 show the special one....when I tried to play it, it said the AVI file is broken. Does this mean I won't be able to watch it?

YUI said...

Awww it's so cute! your entry! XDD i actually can take any pairings in ya3. Just that i love yamabu MOST. MOST? yeah. MOST. Hikaru is just so sweet~ so i dont mind. XD *stabs*

allyson said...

Firstly, because he’s more like himself when he’s with Shoon (I’ve noticed he tries to act cool when he’s with Yabu, for instance)

and I love Shoon for that.. because I have always thought that Hikaru doesn't feel the need to be awed by anybody but was quite surprised (and sad) that he had feared that people would think 'the other Y' would be better than him for Kitty..well I guess Yabu could make people around him uneasy, which makes him totally lose to Shoon on that, Shoon makes Hikaru feel at ease..aww XDDD

I love Yamabu too, I swear XD

chookie said...

i aslo had trouble with the special episode, it has no sound but i started watching it anyway but at about 31 mins when Yabu and Tanaka are running and starts to get really good, it stops and it goes right back to the beginning if i try and play it again at 31 mins...

shiro majou said...

hahaha, I didn't know a war existed over Yamabu and Shokaru. Actually, I was first a Taisho fan, then I read your story and thought that, wow, Yamabu IS plausble. And know I see your Shokaru fanvid, and Shokaru is really cute too! :D Shoon just has to be paired with everyone ^^
And I love the song you used in the Shokaru vid! It's so cute! *searches* ^^