February 12, 2007

2007.01.28 Ya3 show

At last!! T___T I was getting so Ya-Ya-yah deprived! ^^ Sorry I've been missing in action. I've been busy with work and will be till Wednesday or Thursday. -__- Anyway, I uploaded Ya3's show from 2007.01.28, and also added a couple of SC clips courtesy of Yungboy (thanks as always! ^^B) Take care everyone. Will reply to your comments in the next entry. ^^


mai-chan said...

hey Irea!!
did u check the rumour of the separating YA3 into two volleyball temporarily debuted group!!
OMG NOOOO!!!!!!!!

hope that it's juz a rumour!!
if u didn't
check it at YA3genshiro blog

*****i'm totally crazy now******

mai-chan said...

Hi again!!
i wish that ur blog 'll be in active soon!!
i'm so misssssss u ^o^

and one thing to ask
i've dl ur recommend program,
"virtual dub" to cut some NEWS performance
and the results totally SHOCK ME!!!
i cut the 7 mins avi into 4 mins avi
but the size getting bigger by 180 MB into 9 GB!!!!
Irea, pls tell me wot to do ToT???

Geri said...

hi Irea! can't wait till you come back XD; i've been checking to see if you've posted everyday, even though i have this blog on my LJ too~ ¦D ooh, and btw, i got a blogspot account to make it easier to comment on your blog and some other peoples' too. [this is Geri, or _____just_me at LJ btw]

oh gosh...i'm scared for when you reply to comments, because the last few comments i left were SUPER LONG! XD; sorry about that~

mai-chan said...

i have two word to say