February 20, 2007

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Last week was like the longest week of my whole entire life. -__- So much work and stress and... Anyway, I'm trying to catch up on things, which will take a while, so if you've sent me an e-mail please bear with me. ^^ This entry is just to reply to your latest comments. =) I'll post a longer one tomorrow about the changes this blog will undergo soon. ^^


First of all: THANKS so much for your caring messages. ^^BBB Also... about the problem you had with Virtual Dub... you have to select the “direct stream copy” in the “VIDEO” menu before saving the clip. (right-click on the screencap below)
I think Yama-P is not fat, just really muscled. XD Also most JE guys are skinny, so when one is a little less slim it looks like he’s fat by comparison.
Afraid I don’t have a clip of Shoon singing Daite Señorita at the New Year concert. I wish! ^^ I was hoping somebody might have at least recorded an mp3, as they did with the Daibôken concert, but no such luck. *sigh* And they didn’t even show it in any of the clips of the concert they showed on the Ya3 show. T__T Shame.
OSSan, BAD and so on are less known JE junior units, but I don’t know much about them I’m afraid. Sorry. ^^U My JE knowledge is not that great, really.
And yes, it’s confusing what theyre doing with Yamada and Yuto. They should be together in one unit. In the last SC both Kitty Jr. And Tap Kids were introduced as part of JJE. WTH? ?_?
My timezone is GMT+1, but I update the blog at the most random hours, whenever I have the time. ^^UUU
did u check the rumour of the separating YA3 into two volleyball temporarily debuted group!!
I did read about it. It sounds random to put Shoon and Taiyô with Asaka and others in a group, but after Kitty I wouldn’t be surprised at anything JE comes up with. ^^UUU


I'm glad you like the new header and well, I don’t really know if Miyata and Shoon are friends, but I think they are both calm people, so they should get on well. That pic of them I posted is actually the only reason why Miyata is mentioned as one of Shoon’s friends in BnS. XD;;;
I’m so happy I’m not the only one who was pissed off by the fact they changed the line-up for Te wo tsunaide yukô. T___T Isn’t it bad enough for us Yamabu fans that there are hardly any Yabu+Shoon pics that they also had to separate them in that performance? *flails arms and cries dramatically* Yes, how baka can Goseki get, not helping to pull when they played tug-o-war? XDDD


I hated PE when I was in school, but I wouldn’t mind either having Shoon as PE teacher. LOL And yes, I think Taiyô could very well start a modeling career. =) It’s indeed a wonder that Taiyô managed to stay on the bike for a few seconds. XD That part was hilarious, wasn’t it? And yes, Shoon’s dancing in Kiss de tsutaete was his best performance yet together with his performance of Underworld, long ago. =)


Here in Spain it’s really hard to find anything JE related too. For example I’d have to order the magazines online from Japan or elsewhere, and they are not cheap, plus it’s 5 magazines per month, so I’m REALLY GRATEFUL to the generous people who scan them and share them. I imagine they are interested in several JE groups, so for them it must be worth the money they cost, but I’m only interested in Ya-Ya-yah, so it would be a waste to buy a magazine for the sake of 4 pages. Hopefully there will be more Reon pics in April’s issues. ^^B

I’m glad you liked the entry I wrote for Yabu’s b-day. And it would be awesome if he read it! XD I sometimes amuse myself imagining the guys (Ya-Ya-yah, I mean) actually check this blog and that Shoon and Yabu have read BnS. LOL In fact as I’ve said on other occassions, I’m sure Shoon’s English is not that bad. ;-)


Of course you’re allowed to comment. ^__^ I’m really slow at replying comments as you can see, but that’s another question. XD I hadn’t noticed Nikaido was in that clip! Isn’t it amazing though to watch old clips and recognize the faces? =) And yes, Yabu looks really great with long-sleeves t-shirts. *__*


Yabu!!! *squeels* and he just crinkles his jacket without folding it xD LOL I hadn’t noticed that, but it IS kind of cool, ha, ha. Glad you like the new layout. ;-)

I really wonder why does JE make the guys wear such hideous outfits sometimes. The other day I was watching a video clip of Fahrenheit, a Chinese group made up of 4 guys, and they wore casual clothes. I think some of the JE outfits are great, like Ya-Ya-yah’s firemen ones, but some others... it’s just not fair for the guys. -__-U


Well, Shoon’s team lost at the tug-o-war game, but it wasn’t so much his fault as Goseki’s. XD Shouting out orders and not helping the others to pull! XDDD IT WAS SO *BLEH* when I saw Hikaru holding Shoon's hand up! It WAS!! XP I’m sorry, I love Hikaru, I really do, but there’s no tension whatsoever between him and Shoon. Stupid JE. *sulks* T__T And yes, Yama-P+Yama-Q= LOVE. ^^BBB I love Yama-P for choosing Shoon for that performance. ^^BBB


I would paralized too if Yabu passed by next to me. XD Now you mention Shoon’s twirling made you think of flowers... it made me think of Spring and fairies. ^^? Ah, yeah, poor Prince Yabu, falling from his mini-trycicle in the middle of the ride. Not a very princely attitude, ne? XDDD By the way, I visited your blog the other day and the entries you’ve posted so far are really good. =) Keep up the good work!
I really hope they won’t call Shoon YamaQ from now on. @__@ It’s funny, but I prefer his real name, and I don’t want him to be Yama-P II but himself.


You, missy, are to blame for my recent Hana Kimi obsession! XD I read about it on your LJ and I’m addicted to it now. Thanks so much for discovering that series to me. I love it!! Jian is the cutest guy ever!! ^^BBB
And don’t worry about making long comments. I love them. ;-)
I did read your post about that Shokura and it was uncanny how we agreed on so many things! XD my Yamabu and Hikaiyo-biased brain was leading me to believe that Taiyo looked kind of sad in the beginning of the song, and also that Shoon was kind of sad also Me too!!! XD LOL We’re obsessed, ha, ha. Shoon was so awesome in the Kiss de tsutate performance I’ve watched it like a million times!! ^^BBB If you watch it and compare his dancing with the other guys... well, he’s just THE BEST. =D
I’m glad you like the new layout. On of these days I’ll make a gallery with all the past layouts. =)


Shoon and Yabu making the Valentine’s Day cake together in that photoshoot was the best! ^^BBB And Yabu looked so happy! XD
Yes, Miyata seems a hard working guy indeed, and him and Shoon have a similar character (they’re both calm, unassuming guys, so they probably get on well). I wonder if he’s in Shoon’s class. By the way, I felt so happy when you posted that clip from his graduation ceremony!! ^^BBB Love ya!! How lucky is it that we got to see him in such a significant day of his life? Okay, it was just a couple of seconds, but still... ^^BBB Probably Yabu and Hikaru will get interviewed when they graduate, though. Life is unfair. =(
Thanks also to Kins, Rin3, Alei, and Fuji for your comments. ^___^

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