February 23, 2007

the Beatles connection

[EDIT]: Added the links for this performance at the videos section. =)
Today must be the Beatles' day or something. XD This morning I turned on the radio and they were playing Let It Be, then I came across the scan I've used for the new header, which obviously brings to mind Abbey Road, and Fiona has uploaded to her clubbox the latest Ya3 live stage in which Ya-Ya-yah sing a bit of A Hard Day's Night. ^___^ I'm in the process of uploading this. I'll post the links later. ^^
Yabu's voice made me cringe a little at first at his solo lines -when will his voice break completely?-, but then, when he sings the "tokimeki wo wasureta..." line in the Ya-Ya-yah medley it sounds just superb. *__* Doesn't this performance make you wish you were there, at the studio -especially when they stepped down to stand among the public? Hikaru is soooo nice, reaching out his hand towards the fangirls! ^^BBB They almost pulled him down, tugging at his hand, though, poor guy. LOL
To catch up on things I didn't have the time to post about... I guess you all know by now that Shoon has graduated already? =) Yui found a video in Yahoo News Japan, and I managed to download it thanks to a program I have, so if you want to have it click here (.wmv version) or here (.avi version). You can only see him for like 2 seconds, but hey, this is a must-have for any Shoon fan! XD It was his graduation ceremony after all! ;-) Congratulations, Shoon! ^^B
Also, Myojo's April issue has a photoshoot centred on Shoon's graduation as well. =) So cute! There are congratulations messages from Hikaru, Taiyô, and Yabu, and Yabucchi calls Shoon "Ya-Ya-yah no oniichan", "the eldest brother in Ya-Ya-yah". ^^B How sweet is that? XD
Right-click on the thumbnails below to download the full-size pics. (credits to Zansanhane - LJH)
2007.04 myojo Zansanhane 1 2007.04 myojo Zansanhane 2 2007.04 myojo Zansanhane 3 2007.04 myojo Zansanhane 4


Mei said...

*Scream* Irea-san
Really Really handsome guy >///<
I like the last pic
Everyone looks smart ~~
Shoon is too handsome *kyaa*
Thx you and Zansanhane

and thx for clip Sotsugyou shiki
>W< 2 sec but likes 2 hr :D

*PS I really like the last livestage, They are so hilarious
xD Shoon looks like a kid >W<

cherryberry said...

This live stage was awesome. I agree, Hikaru is really nice guy. He was the one who noticed his fans the most. By noticing I mean that he looked down to his fans and tried to interact with them. But all Ya3 members seemed to enjoy being there, crowded by their fans.

HAAWWT! They look too good in those school uniforms. Shoon looks so happy. ♥

mai-chan said...

woww!! thx a lot for the performance and everything

*luv shoon*

i'm gonna save all my missing scans in ur album too
but the Organic Chemistry and Biology is now waiting to kill me
*hate it* ToT

also miss u ^o^

Geri said...

awwww!!! Ai Kotoba wa Ya-Ya-yah!!!!!! <3 that song always sends images of them, chibi version, in the intro to their show XD; and also it reminds me of that one clip where Yamapi is singing it 8D but still....OMG~ i love the way the Ya3 medley sounds now that they're...older and mature[-ish] and stuff XD and it's so cute how they all go and perform from the middle of the audience (^^) [i think if i were in the audience i'd be going crazy XDDDD] Yabu looks so KAWAII at the end :]

thanks again for scans and videos and such (^___^) <3

Hideko said...

I haven't opened my Myojo yet~ LOL

Thanks for the scans~ ♥

liching said...

It's the first time I leave comment here although I already read your blog for 3 months daily. Since my English is poor until I want to beat myself,hopefully you can understand what am I saying ^^

Thanks for sharing all those things with all the Ya3 fans, especially Shoon~~~

I had seen the Myojo 07.04 magazines pictures...very nice~~ it's about the graduation of Shoon...not sure whether he will continue his University or not..on my opinion, I hope he can further study...haha....

Alice said...

*jumps up and down* When was the last time I commented here? 3 months ago? XD Sorry 'bout that.

The live stage was awesome, neh? Ai Kotoba Wa Ya-Ya-yah is a great song- And I wish they still sang it as their intro song on the Ya-Ya-yah show.

CONGRATULATIONS TO SHOON! *throws a party* Psstt~ Notice that Yabu is holding Shoon on his bottom in those photoshoots ;)

Gliza said...

Aww.. that live stage was just awesome. ♥ *squee* Their English is soo nice. The old-school songs were absolute LOVE. I started bouncing up and down when they started singing them. lol. I flashed back to the old-school episodes of their show when they were still chibis. ^^

Congrats to Shoon for graduating!! *throws confetti* ^_^

Thanks soo much for sharing the videos and scans. ♥

Gliza said...

Oh one more thing.. your new header's really cute! The whole Beatles/Ya-Ya-yah thing. ^_^

YUI said...

ILU too!!! for having a software to dl that fregging IMPORTANT graduation video! i was really desperate to find someone to rip it you know! Cause it's a very significant day for him. Though we only get to see him for seconds. but I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN~ XD Abt him not getting interviewed, i actually predicted it. Even tegoshi didnt had one last year~ So... dont even have to mention shoon. T^T

Take note of May's MYOJO. there might be news or pictures of his graduation. XD I really really want to do the graduation (myojo april) article translations as well as the nicknames ones (cause that's VERY cute)... BUT! i dont have the time~ my exams are coming T^T IREA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *cries*

Yabu's voice! LOL! i really wish i could help him to get his voice break off totally! HAHA! it's sometimes really... so getting on my nerves. *but i love him as well* In that livestage that they went down to the fangirls. Shoon is as usual... looking here and there~ everywhere~ LOL! that's what he always do isn't it? XD I wondered why he didn't look into the audience cause normally, on SC's stage, he will...

Did you notice shoon's complexion got worse recently? I really wonder if it's the stress from the examinations and stuffs like that. LOL! And one thing! whenever they flim about food, when everyone is focusing on the camera only shoon is still happily eating away! LOL!

OH YES! in the april myojo... taiyou mentioned borrowing of PE attire~ XD it's either shoon borrowed taiyou's PE attire OR vice versa! LOL! dont'you think it's SO CUTE<3 it's so sweet~ like... they still go to each other if they need something in school! i can totally imagine them borrowing things from each other in between classes running up and down the staricase` OMG~ ADORABLE<3 okays... excuse me while i run wild in thoughts. XD

=X opps. it's getting LONG.
i didnt know if i should post long comments here or email you instead~ XDD Sory sorry m(____)m

Lily said...

i love this last live stage!
thanks for sharing!! :D
are you by any chance going to make that performance an mp3?
i would loove it if you do!! ^^

thank you also for sharing all the scans!!
they're so hot! and growing up very fast! 8D