February 26, 2007

changes and comments

Much though I love Ya-Ya-yah, I've been devoting too much time to the fandom and I really need more time for myself. I've been neglecting my job and friends, and as a result of late I'm always behind with work and have a ton of unanswered e-mails in my mailbox. ^^U So I've been thinking perhaps making a few changes will help.
1. I really wish I could update everyday, but since that's not possible, I've set up a subscription box on the navigation bar. If you subscribe you'll be notified by e-mail whenever I update, so you won't have to come and check every now and then. =)
2. I won't be uploading/reuploading any more old/new Ya-Ya-yah shows. ^^ Until recently I helped the webmaster of the Ya-Ya-yah TV Show Guide to upload them, but since I stopped I've realized that it's only a very small percentage of people who download the shows from my videos section. It's not a surprising thing, really; the Ya-Ya-yah TV show Guide is very easy to navigate and cleverly organized. So to all those of you who used to download the shows here, you'll have to do so at the site above mentioned from now on. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but that way I'll have more time for myself and for uploading other things I want to keep on uploading like high quality live stage performances, high quality show I have, old and new MS performances, old and new SC performances, mp3 rips... Hope you'll understand. =)
3. This morning I found out that having as I have a paid flickr account I can make the pics in my album available to anyone for download. That means you won't have to sign in anymore to download the scans I upload there. This is good news, isn't it? ^___^ Wish I had learned this earlier. ^^
That's all the changes I'll be making for now. Thanks so much as always to those of you who follow this blog, and especially to those who leave comments. Love you all. ^^BBB And now, replies to those comments. ;-)
Theo-chan: I noticed you put 2002 - 2007. Do you really have all those scans? I do have scans as old as 2002, but unfortunately not from every magazine and issue. I also have some which I have no idea which date or magazine they're from. ^^U I'm hoping you guys will help me sort them out. =)
Sere: i don't know where do you get the patience to upload all this. Me neither. XD No, seriously, my love for Ya-Ya-yah knows no limits. ;-) ps: you visited my blog? i think i'll die of shame XD Why? XD I really liked the entries I read as I said. =)
Yuki: on one of your previous posts about Shoon doing his own thing on stage, I completely agee! lol but I find it funny how at times he gives it his all and some times he's just so lazy looking lol yet you just have to love him no matter what lol Exactly! XD I think he only gives it his all when it's something he thinks is worthwhile the effort... and that performance with Yamapi certainly was. I mean, he doesn't get to sing with Yamapi-sempai everyday. ;-) And if you pay close attention to him in the X-Dame performance (in which the juniors backdanced for Takki and Tsubasa) you'll notice how focused he was on the choreograohy -no matter how silly it was. XD He was even looking down at some moments, as if refraining from making eye contact with the other juniors so he wouldn't start laughing like it happened to others.
Mei: hey, Mei! =) Hadn't heard from you in a long time! You're welcome for the pics and the graduation short clip.
Cherryberry: This live stage was awesome. I agree, Hikaru is really nice guy. He was the one who noticed his fans the most. By noticing I mean that he looked down to his fans and tried to interact with them. But all Ya3 members seemed to enjoy being there, crowded by their fans.HAAWWT! They look too good in those school uniforms. Shoon looks so happy. ♥
Mai-chan: i'm gonna save all my missing scans in ur album toobut the Organic Chemistry and Biology is now waiting to kill me Focus on your homework. ^_^ The scans won't go anywhere. ;-)
Geri: There's a clip of Yamapi singing Ai Kotoba wa? O_o I had no idea. I too LOVE how the Ya3 medley sounds with their broken voices. =)
Hideko: I haven't opened my Myojo yet~ LOL Thanks for the scans~ I know, Chinese fans are quick, aren't they? I love them. ^^BBB
Liching: Hi! =) Thanks for leaving a comment. ^^B Don't be shy, leave comments whenever you want, and don't worry about your English; it's okay. =) I too hope Shoon will go to university, but it's up to him, of course.
Alice: Hey! Hadn't heard from you in a while, but it's okay, just leave comments when you feel like it. ;-) I LOVED the Ya-Ya-yah medley from that live stage too. ^^BBB In fact I liked it better than how it sounded when they were kids. =) Psstt~ Notice that Yabu is holding Shoon on his bottom in those photoshoots ;) LOL I did notice. XD We're obsessed, aren't we? ^^B
Gliza: Yup, their English pronounciation is getting pretty good. ^__^ You're welcome for the scans, videos, and all. And yay, I'm glad you like the new header. =D I saw the photo and immediately thought: Abbey Road. XD I wonder if they did it on purpose, way back then, because it's from 2003.
Yui: Yes, it's a darn shame Shoon didn't get interviewed on his graduation, like those girls, but then I think it was not just a coincidence that he was sitting on the front row when the camera focused on that girl being handed her diploma. ^_^v So, yeah, at least it's something that we got to see a glimpse of that so very important day in his life. Do you think he'll go to Uni? I hope he does. =) I really really want to do the graduation article translations as well as the nicknames ones... BUT! i dont have the time~ my exams are coming Focus on your studies, Yui-chan. You'll have time fot that when your exams are over. =) In that livestage that they went down to the fangirls. I wondered why Shoon didn't look into the audience Well, in a way I understand, 'cause it must be scary to be surrounded by like dozens of crazy fangirls. XDD Hikaru is the one who seems to deal better with it. Taiyô seemed a bit tense too. Did you notice shoon's complexion got worse recently? Yes, I did. =( Poor Shoonie. Yeah, probably it's because of the stress and all, and well, after all he's at that age when you're under the attack of acne. ^^ in the april myojo... taiyou mentioned borrowing of PE attire~ XD it's either shoon borrowed taiyou's PE attire OR vice versa! I thought that's what he said, but I wasn't sure I had understood correctly. XD That's so cute!! It seems they're really good friends. But nothing is cuter than that article you translated about Taiyô texting Shoon at night to ask him what he needed for highschool. LOL Oh, you're watching HanaKimi too? Doesn't Jian remind you of Shoon in some ways? ^^B I read the japanese BBS (2ch). Where there are lots of mean ppl from whatever i've read. Quite some ppl really hates shoon. And quite a handful of them really thinks shoon is a plain looking guy. A Japanese girl told me about those kind of BBS and how some fangirls were really mean to Shoon. It angered me. >=( What on earth do they have against him? Some people are so stupid! And it seems they're blind too. How can they say he's not good-looking? One of these days I'll devote a whole entry to how good looking Shoon is. XD
Lily: i just started watching Hana Kimi since i watched the video you uploaded... and i started liking the opening song more and more. ^^so i was wondering if you could make that video an mp3 rip? Yay, I'm very happy I managed to hook another person. ;-) And yeah, sure thing, I have the whole soundtrack as a matter of fact -it's great! Anyway's, here's the opening song for you: 怎麼辦.mp3 (4.81 MB)
Violet_dream: Ne, ne, don't feel shy and comment as much as you want. =) I don't bite, I promise. ;-) You've recently started watching 'Hana Kimi' too? Isn't it great? I'm totally in love with the characters as well, not just with Jian and ReiXi, but also with SiuYi, the doctor, the classmates... It's such a brilliant drama. =) You're welcome for the pics, videos, and so on. I think the joy of the fandom is sharing what you have and squeeing over it with other fans. XD And I'm very flattered that you enjoy reading my opinions. =) Thanks for commenting. It means a lot to me.
Shin: Don't you tell me you're watching HanaKimi too? XD Jiro is like the funniest guy on the face of earth, isn't he? XD OMG And yes, it would be so cute if Chun and Ella were a couple in real life. ^^B
MayMay: Thanks a lot for leaving a comment! =) And yes, HanaKimi is the best drama I've watched in a long time. I'm head over heels for the character of Jian. ^^B Thanks for visiting my blog and being a regular reader. =)


j-melody said...

hi Irea ^o^
it's me, mai-chan
but since i become a blogger, i'll use this name instead :)

i really understand ur situation
coz i'm now putting myself in something like u do too

maybe i've never told u before that i'm a medical student
(with so poor Eng ToT)

and devoting to JE while keeping my good studies isn't easy as i thought

also totally agree with all of ur changes ^^
GD LUCK with everything
and i'll be ur reader always

j-melody said...
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j-melody said...
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Alice said...

Whaatt?! I liked it so much better when they were younger. In my view, it just doesn't seem to have the same energy as it did before.

Haha, I guess we are. My cousin and I were actually bored and decided to sit down and write some Yamabu once. x)

Geri said...

yea, there was a clip of Yamapi singing Ai Kotoba! =] i don't remember what exactly the clip was from, but i remember seeing it on Youtube, and the NEWS members are....like walking down the street [i think it was when they traveled somewhere...i dont remember where though] and out of nowhere Pi just starts singing the song <3 XDD;;;;

oh, btw thanks for the rip of the livestage! :] i even made the bit of Ai Kotoba my ringtone for my cellphone!!!! (^^) and as for Hana Kimi....it looks so cute!! i might try watching it after i finish watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon >] i remember you saying something before about how you got into Hana Kimi because of something you saw on my LJ? ehto....*confused* well i dunno what exactly you saw, but i've never seen anything Hana Kimi until now on your blog, soo...*shrugs* oh well! :] thanks for the mp3 for the opening song!

kins said...

hello there irea-chan.
just to say THANKS for uploading ya3 videos. (: i alwyas say THANK YOU whenever i dl things from your site or anywhere else. i appreciate that you upload mp3s' videos and short clips. yepps. so all the best in your life ya?

i too understand that being a fan sometimes has its, how you say that .. pros and cons? (hope im right)

once again, all the best to you. (: dont neglect your friends, family and work ne~



MayMay said...

your most welcome!!! =D
Jian is so pretty! hahahh
anyhooo i like reading your blog!
especially since your a ya3 fan too!

Shin said...

hey hey!! yep yep i love watching HanaKimi... i just recently finished watching the last episode... but i wont spoil it for u if u havent watched it... i hope theres a squeal, they soo need a 2nd season.... HAHA yes Jiro is soo funny! i discovered him in 'it started with a kiss'.. he had a really annoying character but thought he was hot in there lol.. OMG!! CHUN!!! he was in sydney last weekend for a holiday!! and i live in sydney!! i could of seen him if i went! okies.. i better stop fangirling over fahrenheit lol..

YUI said...

I'm right! LOL!
all 3 mags have shoon's graduation article! i'm gonna translate that the first thing after my exams tomorrow! LOL!

YES!! i am watching hanakimi too. but i really like that senior nan better then jian. XD

PLEASE. devote an entry all about how gorgeous shoon is! XD Of course... when you are free! XD