February 02, 2007

comments, pics, & downloads

I've added some new pics to the New Year concert set (folder) of the album and replaced the Moonlightboy.com ones with bigger, unwatermarked ones I snagged from LJH (credits to MOTOMIMOST, who scanned them) -see below, starting from the last 2 ones in the 3rd row. As you'll see, some of the new ones are Kitty (plus Yûto) pics, but Hikaru is in them, so that's why I uploaded those too. There's a 2 pages interview with Kitty from the New Year concert booklet as well, which some months ago would have worried me. Now I think they interview the four Kitty members just as representatives of their respective groups. Probably JE thought it would have been too telling if it had been a Ya-Ya-yah interview instead, but who is not convinced by now that it will be Ya-Ya-yah who will debut in Spring? ;-) Anyway, if you want to download those new pics click here [username: shoonbday; password: happybday]
I've also updated the videos section. I uploaded a HQ version of the 2007.01.14 ST PF Te wo tsunaide YuKô + Itoshii no Playgirl Fiona uploaded to her clubbox, and reuploaded, as requested by Maya, HQ Onigokko Revolutions from 2005.03.06. They're both worth downloading, because the quality is great. Click on the thumbnails below to see the real screen-size and quality of these two video files.
onigokko 2007.01.14 ST PF
And now replies to your comments. =)
Glad you liked the b-day entry. ^___^ Ha, ha, okay, I'll try and write more entries about Yabucchi. ;-)
You asked me if there are any Shoon pics among those I uploaded for Yabu's b-day. I'm afraid not, sorry. ^^
Yabu's sister name is Kokoro and rumour has it Jin wants her to be his girlfriend? Hmm... I don't know, I've heard Yabu's sister is younger than him, and that would make her much, much younger than Jin. ^^
in the SC where Yabu sang Arashi no Carnival and Hikaru sang Gentles... during Itoshii no Playgirl, did you notice when Shoon looked at Hikaru and Hikaru looked at Shoon and how Yabu reacted? You mean this performance from SC 2007.01.07, right?
I hadn't noticed it! XD Hmmm... Nah, I think Yabu didn't notice that exchange look between them, either and probably it was just that Shoon's and Hikaru's eyes met by chance when they turned their heads at the same time. =p
hey! ^___^ So nice to have you drop by! =) Glad you liked Yabucchi's b-day entry. ^^B I find it so funny that you call Fahly "Fannucchi" by the way. It's really cute. XD
the open shirt one killed me. XD (until I saw the other one with his ribs showing ;__;) Hm, I know what you mean. ^^U But I think it's good sign that he doesn't mind showing his bare chest. I mean that it shows he doesn't have a complex. I've known some skinny people who felt awkward for being so thin. Either way I think he's not such a extreme case as he used to be?
First time commenting here. Hope that's alright That's more than alright. ^____^ Thanks for leaving a comment. =] Glad you liked the b-day entry I wrote for Yabu and also that you find my blog helpful. You guys make it worth the effort.
Yay, glad you liked Yabucchi's b-day header. ^___^ And I feel so flattered that you recognized the BnS quotation. ^^BBB I'm also very happy that you liked the b-day entry. ^__^ And yes, Bakanishi did really call him Kôta in the Universal Studios episode. =) You can't see him say it, though, only hear him. I'll try and edit that bit and upload it to Dailymotion. ^^
Thanks for the URL. I'll go visit. ^___^
You're welcome for the pictures and uploads. ^___^ I'm happy you liked the header, and yes, I think Yabu can definitely be called "sexy" now. =)
That's nice, that the people at your workplace are warm and friendly. I work at home, so I don't have to cope with nasty work colleagues either, ha, ha. Take care you too. PS: In case you didn't see it, Yui left a comment in this entry asking if you're Singaporean like her because she works in Takashimaya too. If you want to give her an answer, this is her blog. =)
Yes, I guess Japanese boys grow slowly, ha, ha -with the exception of boys like Taiyô and Reon. XD
Irea-chan!! You`re such an evil creature!!! Now I NEED to go and take a HUGE and DEEP look in the ya-ya-yah album... (*dying because Yabu is sooooo sexy*)
Ha, ha. Yeah, I know. XD I love being evil, though. =p Huggles, Mimi.
You're welcome for the pix. ^__^ Isn't Yabu handsomer by the day?
Thanks!, I'm very flattered you liked Yabu's b-day entry so much. *blushes* Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog as well and for commenting. ^^B
I saw the cake you bought for Yabu, and I have to say the same thing is happening to me as well: I'm liking him more and more to the point that of late sometimes I think I like him as much as Shoon. But yeah, let's blame Yamabu for it. XD Yes, thank you, I'm feeling better now. =) And yeah, I think Miyata and Shoon are friends -probably because of this paparazzi pic of them outside school (credits to YEYE, LJH):
It's funny because when I first saw that pic I didn't know much about KMF2, and thought it might be Shoon's brother, since he was not wearing the school uniform. XD Either way Miyata seems a nice guy, ne? =)


rin_3 said...

<3 xD He's so hot it's unbeliavable~<3333 omgg. xD

rin_3 said...

forgot to say this XD
*GLOMPS* XD ILU for uploading more! XD <333 *gives Irea cookies* XD <3

YUI said...

Thank you my dear, for redirecting kins to my blog<3 i'm so happy that i met another singaporean fangirl! XD

That was the photo i saw too. That's why i was thinking about it. LOL!! XD yah, miyacchi seems to be quite a hardworking guy. They belong to the same school? XD

and YES! the likings for yabu increased SO much since you introduced the yamabu fic to me!! *hugs irea* Now his new shop photos made me really like him alot. XDD

it's good that you're feeling better<3

Maya said...

Yay thank you for reuploading!
I'm sorry to be a bother but could you also reupload
2003.08.24 comedy contest 2

thank you in advance!

And I'm sorry if I'm asking for too much!

-I love the new layout xD!


Geri said...

GYAAAA~ ♥ more pictures!! :D i especially love the ones from the New Year's concert pamphlet~~ and OMG REON PICTURES!!! <3 (^___^)

P.S. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD i love the new header!!!! i was checking here for updates when i was in my school library after school and i had to try [unsuccessfully] to keep myself from squeeing and laughing at the same time ;D

Kichi said...

Hey Irea! Love the new header, and yes Yabu-sensei must have something going on with the P.E. teacher XD

*looks at the new pictures uploaded* So many =.=

OOO Miyacchi and Shoonie are tomodachis? Interesting....

kins said...

hello again! (:
i went to her blog. THANKS.
i see. i like to make new friends.
and i need to talk 24hr (except when im sleeping or tired)
and yea, keep up the good work with your blog ne?


fatalblue said...

I love the new header! where do i sign up for the PE classes >:D and I just love hikaru in the pic. He does look like one of those types that would flirt with the female students in his class XD

The pics where nice too. those boys are starting to look too hot for there own good >;D especially taiyo! ( god-forbid the singing and dancing thing don't work out, he could start modling or something!)

nicole said...

That new header is awesome. Such a cute idea, although, I have to say, for some reason Taiyo looks incredibly silly to be for some reason XD Maybe it's just me. Or those glasses .. :)

Oh yeah, and thanks for all the great pictures and media. Can't tell you how great it is to have all this up for us to use, since it's hard to find it in America. I'm so grateful, thanks so much ! (Especially the Reon album ! XD)


gliza said...

WAAHH~! So many pictures! *stares happily*

Soo late but.. your birthday massage to Yabu was soo sweet! I wish that he could actually read it.
yours is the very definition of an infectious smile.
That's soo true. I can't help but smile whenever I see him smile. ^_^

Btw.. I LOVE your header! I wish I went to Ya-Ya-yah Jr. High, I bet that learning is definitely fun there ;D HAHA XD

Maya said...

Hello! I've decided to take part of the ya-ya-yah campaign and i asked my mom to read the japanese one and my mom (shes japanese) told me that the address was wrong, but long as it says "NHK" on it, it should be fine, but shes going to double check the address with the other shows she watches. xD
She told me the basic ones were right but definatly not "denshidai".
I'll tell you once she finds out the address.
(I'm bad with kanji xD haha)

-i accidently commented this on a post from a long time ago xD