February 25, 2007

a couple of old SC clips

I'm having a lazy weekend so today's update will be just a small and random one. ^^U I've updated the videos section thanks to Yungboy with a couple of old SC clips from 2005 and 2006, so go check the videos section! ;-)
On another note again I find myself having to catch up on many things I want to comment on, like the latest SC, of which I also want to upload clips and all. I liked the 1st SC episode of February better, but it was still enjoyable. I resented the fact that Shoon didn't get to do much, but he looked beautiful even when he was just standing quietly behind Yabu and the others in the MC section. It's funny that from many of the magazine photoshoots one would say Shoon is just an average looking guy, but I think that's because he gets a bit grumpy when he has to pose, and also because he's one of those people whose beauty is captured best at random moments, like these:
Now that I remember... Lily wanted an mp3 rip of the latest live stage, so... here you are: 2007.02.18.mp3 (2.65 MB)
And finally, because it isn't healthy to obsess on just one thing let me give you another thing to obsess over! XD I highly recommend you to download and watch Hana Kimi, a Taiwanese drama based on a Japanese manga that is hilarious and really cute at the same time. The leading actress, Ella Chen, one of the singers of the girls band S.H.E., is very funny, and the leading actor, one of the singers of the boys band Fahrenheit, is the most adorable guy ever -and so handsome too! They have a great on-screen chemistry, and perhaps it's just the romantic in me, but from photos and videos I've seen they might have something going on off-screen as well. XD He smiles non-stop when he's with her and I think she likes him too. ^^B They'd make such a cute couple! (click on the pics to see them full-size)
normal_3~11 SHEChun_ZMBMV3 aaef9809120caf266a60fb0wg0
What is the drama about? ReiXi, an American-Chinese girl, falls head over heels for a Chinese athlete named Jian after seeing him on television. Wanting to get to know him, she decides to find out all about him and go to the same school as him. There's just one problem: he goes to an all boys school. That won't stop her, though. ReiXi disguises herself as a boy and goes to the high school Jian attends.
You can watch it or download it subbed here.
I don't want to post a subbed clip here because it wouldn't be nice to the girl who's subbing it, but I've uploaded the video clip of the opening song, by S.H.E., in which you can see both Chun and Ella.
Ne, ne, don't you feel like watching the series now? =D
Episode 14 aired this weekend. Can't wait to watch it! XD


Lily said...

thank you! ^^

violet_dream said...

Hi there ^___^.
Um, I've been reading your blog for a while and have never really had the guts to really comment. This is probably the first place I've put a comment. But, the second I read you mentioning 'Hana Kimi', I was kinda like 'O__O, I have to comment.' The weird thing is that I just started watching it and have fallen in love with all the characters (And actors)! ^___^. It's a great drama, and yes, everyone should try watching it.
Anyways, I wanted to say that I'm really grateful for all the videos/photos, everything you've posted. What I enjoy the most from your blog is your opinions, I always find myself nodding along to everything ^^". I've been reading a lot of blogs about Ya-Ya-yah, and so many people have so many ... amazing things to say, it really (This might sound kinda stupid) leaves me in awe... I don't know, I guess it's what makes them true fans. Ahhh, now I'm just rambling. I wish I could thank every single person who writes these kind of blogs! From all of this, I have fallen completely head over heels for Ya-Ya-yah ^__^. Sorry for the long comment. Better send this before I chicken out! .___<...

Shin said...

OMG im currently watching HanaKimi!! and Chun and Jiro are soo HOT!! i really think Chun and Ella shoud get together such a cute couple!!!

Lily said...

sorry if im asking a lot >.<
but i just started watching Hana Kimi
since i watched the video you uploaded..and i started liking the opening song more and more. ^^
so i was wondering if you could make that video an mp3 rip?
thank you soo much!

YUI said...

IREA!! you watched hanakimi too? *dies* i watch it too! XD

Oh yes, shoon...
isnt he the most beautiful thing on earth? I read the japanese BBS (2ch). Where there are lots of mean ppl from whatever i've read. Quite some ppl really hates shoon. And quite a handful of them really thinks shoon is a plain looking guy. Nothing great. Of course, i feel hurt after reading them but then... I dont care how they think, shoon is beautiful. TO ALL OF US HERE. it's enough to know that. *grins* XD

MayMay said...

Hey There!
ive also been reading your blog like
"violet_dream" has but never really
commented! >_< but your post of "hana
kimi" caught my attention. My friend
has recently got me hooked on that
drama. It is really funny. & that guy
is cute xD
They really do look cute in the
pictures taht you posted.
anyhoo keep up the great work :D