February 04, 2007

MS PF 2003.06.06

Today we'll go back in time, to a Music Station episode of 2003 in which Ya-Ya-yah (no Hoshino nor Akama around this time, even though they were still on the TV show) performed Stompin' (I love that song =)), Just Wanna Lovin' You (Japlish pwns XD) and Stand by Me. It brings back memories because some people who are no longer in the jimushô appear here, like Jimmy Mackey and Matsumoto Kohei, you can also see the 6 members K.K.Kitty, even ABC with Tôshin Yoshikazu (I think Tôshin is doing theatre, but I miss seeing him on SC =( ). The last minutes of the performance are totally insane, with the fans surrounding them and jumping up and down. Scary! XD
I've uploaded this clip to MediaFire and the link can be found at the videos section together with other recent additions: uploaded a better quality version of 2007.01.21 (click on the screencaps below to compare with the screensize and quality of the former version), 2 SC performances courtesy of Yungboy (2004.07.11 I Believe In Myself+Words of Love+Axel and 2006.05.07 Jewel Star), and 3 reuploads requested by Maya: 2003.08.24 comedy contest 2, 2004.11.28, and 2004.12.05. The last two are .avi files and worth downloading if you have an .mpeg version because the quality is great (click on the thumbnails below to see the real screensize and quality).
Yabu was so pretty in this episode when he took off his jacket. *__*
2007.01.21 former version 2007.01.21 new version
Of all the haircuts Shoon has had the one in the second screencap is definitely my least favourite. XD It looked just weird.
2004.11.28 2004.12.05
PS: As Yungboy kindly pointed out to me, the date of the HQ PF of the latest live stage I uploaded was not 2007.01.14 but 2007.01.21. ^^ Gomen ne.


cherryberry said...

Am I allowed to comment here? Thanks for posting that clip. Little Nikaido is so cute and so are the others.♥

I agree what you said about Yabu. I thought exactly the same when he took off his jacket.

Maya said...

wow thank you so much!

-Omg Yabu!!! *squeels*
and he just crinkles his jacket without folding it xD
Yabu's getting sexier... xDDD

Mai-chan said...

thx a lot!
shoon act well as a hero
but in the end it was really a surprise ^^
dont know what really feel at that time, maybe...
*lovin girlish Shoon*
(he looks cool in both gender,ne?)

and chibi-Hikaru was very cute!!
was he got the funny talent since he born?

chibi-Taiyo too!
oh! he is so HANDSOME!!
i think he is the most handsome in JE(especially when he was a kid)
but with his Baka..
it's make him more funny and cute than COOL(like Shoon or Yabu)

for Yabu
his dancin style was totally the same
he likes to shake his head while singin LOL

PS* i'll waitin for 07.02.04 SC
Shoon in Sayaendo,shakin his body with this pirate song, i cant stop thinkin of his sexiness!!

*one more* do u have a clip of Shoon in Daite sinorita of 07NYCON?

thx a lot!

Mai-chan said...

i've juz watch the latest SC medley in YA3genshiro blog
and Shoon with Sayaendo is in there...

but how i say..
he doesn't seem hot and sexy as my imagination
he juz looks a bit tired and sad
no smiles, no happily dancin like the other two..
what happened to him?