February 05, 2007

SC 2007.02.04

Just before I forget, I've updated the mp3 rips sections with some files uploaded by P (thanks a mil!! ^^BBB) and some ripped by myself from this SC, and also the videos section. You'll notice I've replaced the links for 3 of the SC performances uploaded by Yungboy. She noticed some people might have had problems viewing those because of some codecs, so she's kindly re-encoded them (thanks a lot!! ^^BBB). Apart from that, I'm adding download links for the clips I'm posting on this entry. =) I haven't finished uploading all of them, so check back in a while for those that are not yet up, please. ^^
Okay, on to yesterday's SC. It was absolutely fantastic. ^___^ Not a lot of Ya3 performances, but there was Ya3 presence in almost every segment - even Taiyô in the Jr. no mirakuru daisakusen.
The producers were ABC (about time too, poor guys), and the theme was "Bôken", "adventure". The show started with every group performing a bit from a song. Ya-Ya-yah's song was Ikujinashi, and their entrance was not very spectacular -sorry, guys, not your fault ^^UUU -, especially in comparison to their former performances of this song, in which Shoon always came from one side running and did a piroutte.
And, um, somebody please tell JE to ditch the "Sergeant Pepper" outfits once and for all. T___T I'm fond of Shoon's for the reasons I explained in previous entries, but honestly they are getting old and Shoon's and Taiyô's are not cool at all, really. They looked cute with them when they were younger, but now they look, er... clownish uncool.
Also... Hikaru-kun, Taiyô-kun... rolling up your sleeves like that is a no-no (besides in Hikaru's case it must be even uncomfortable because the fabric looks stiff). Rolled-up sleeves were fashionable in the 1980s (Miami Vice, anyone? XD), but were in the 21st century now. ^^U So please, JE, put away those outfits... but DON'T YOU DARE let other juniors use them. They are part of Ya-Ya-yah's history, so don't you dare. XD
Okay, enough outfit rant XD ... Ikujinashi:

After the opening of the show all the juniors sang a medley called the "Bôken medley", in which Shoon and Taiyô sang Sayaendo with ABC's Tsuka-chan. ^^B I felt proud of Shoonie for being paired with Tsuka-chan to do the acrobatics for the entrance because Tsuka-chan is the best acrobat in JE. =) Taiyô was great, and I really liked the dancing, kind of playful. ^__^ (Mai-chan, in reply to your comment: I don't think Shoon looked tired or serious in this part of the show. ?__? He seemed a bit lazy and skipped some steps, but oh, well, Shoon seems to like doing his own thing on stage. XD I kinda like it. ;-) ).
Hikaru sang Fly High with the rest of Kitty, and Yabu sang Summary with other juniors. Yui told me she was a bit worried that the public did not seem excited at all when he came down the stairs, but it looks like they didn't even notice Yabu at first because he was coming from the back and in silence too. I mean, probably if he had come down the stairs singing they would have noticed him and squealed, but he was so serious! XD

Then Ya-Ya-yah performed again Te wo tsunaide yukô, and the Yamabu fan in me was totally pissed off because they made Shoon stand next to Hikaru. No Yamabu handholding. T____T Esther will be happy, though. It seems somebody finally noticed Hikaru looked too small next to Taiyô. *grumbles* Either way it was my least favourite performance of this song and not just because of that, but because of the outfits... the "Sergeant Pepper" outfits again! Noooo! It totally ruined the performance. T___T There was one thing I did like about the performance, though: Shoon playing air-guitar at the beginning. X3 Cute.

Then we had another Jr. no mirakuru daisakusen segment (yay!) in which the theme was Bôken no ô, "the adventure king". There were two teams, made up of 4 juniors, and in one we had Taiyô and Yabu, and in the other Shoon. ^___^ First they did rope pulling, and poor Shoon kept slipping XD -ne, Shoon, where was your strength gone to?- but there was a really cute and funny moment before that. Both teams gathered in a circle, and for some reason Shoon ducked beneath the other guys and danced ballerina style in the middle! ^^BBBBB
It reminded me of that time, back in 2003, when he danced in a similar way -only he was in hyper!Shoon mode that day. XD Ah, how is it even possible that some people dislike Shoon? He's the cutest, sweetest, most adorable thing on the face of Earth. He can be all serious and cool, and suddenly surprise you when you expect it less. Some other guys are cam-whores or try to be funny all the time, but Shoon is just his laid-back self most of the time yet is funny and childlike when he chooses to be. X333
After that came another competition in which they had to ride mini-tricycles, and poor Taiyô being so tall was in such trouble! XD It was the funniest, cutest thing too. ^^BBB

And then... then came the best surprise of all (at least for me). Yamapi, who was the special guest in the show, performed a song called Kiss de tsutaete he and Kôki had composed, and for which, or that's what I've heard, he selected a few juniors to sing along with him. Among the lucky ones were Yabu and Shoon. ^_______^ Why he chose Shoon and not Hikaru is a mystery to me -not that I'm complaining, of course. ;-) I mean, Hikaru would have been the obvious choice, ne? Great voice, he was part of Kitty GYM... But he chose Shoon and that made my day. ^___^ Perhaps my obse-Shoon makes me biased, but I think Shoon was the one whose voice blended best with Yamapi's. There's something about Shoon's voice. It's not the best voice in JE not in Ya3, but still there's something nice and special about it. It's soft, and velvety, and teenager-like, and it also has a very slight feminine shade that makes it blend in a nice way with other voices, like Hikaru's, and in this case Yamapi's.
I really liked this song and I think Shoon outdid himself, not just with the singing, but also with the dancing, and he looked so very beautiful! It's simply amazing how he can look masculine and sexy, yet also feminine and delicate at the same time. In fact, watching this performance I finally came up with the adjective I'd been looking for so long to describe Shoon: exquisite. He is.
The outfit helped too. ;-) I love those new outfits they wore first at the New Year concert. I've baptised them as the "firemen outfits" XD , but I think they're great, Shoon's and Taiyô's in particular.

The show ended with the performance by all the juniors of a song called Wanna.


starry said...

Was looking forward to this post coz I totally loved this SC ^______^!

I was wtf when Shoon did the ballerina dance and rope tug hahahah, poor kid, wonder what happened before the show lol XD~~

And seriously, I dislike the 'sergeant Pepper' costume to ._______. It does look clownish ~___~"
I'm sure JE needs a new costume designer and all but then, I saw this 1 pic with Aaron Kwok and his ubber shiny costume, I kinda feel content with JE now XD" Yes, that bad, I should show you the pic some time XD"

Kichi said...

Yabu, yes he was quiet and there was no screaming except for the fangirls at the front who finally noticed him and went all fangirly! Summary was an awesome performance *nods*

Grrrr >< *picks Yabucchi up and places him next to Shoonie* There my inner fangirl is happy now ^^ Does anybody else notice that after Te wo Tsunaide Yukou they zoomed into the audience and there was a big heart with Yabucchi's picture on it? ne? ne?

Shoonie is officially dubbed "Princess Shoonie" by me now because of his little ballerina dance!! Also Goseki needs to learn that when you play tug-o-war you need to help PULL

*Shakes head* Poor Taiyou, ended up moving backwards on the tricycle, and Yabucchi only made it half way before he crashed!!

They're new "firemen" outfits are awesome, and Shoonie singing with Yamapi is a nice blend ^^

AHH! At the end of Wana, Hikaru winks and says "wanna" and yeah that just killed me there *dies*

KeifuXueda said...

ACK This SC was love (although i only watched a little more than half so far!) hmm...yer, those costumes do need a little (A LOT) of tweaking...xD
Shoon was really cute when he was in the middle of the circle xD haha he was twirling like a ballerina! Those are the times when his childish side appears *^^* I was so frustrated when he was slipping during the tug o war! i was like "NOOOO HIS SHOES ARE SLIPPERY!!!" haha (it was wishful thinking haha)
IT WAS SO *BLEH* when I saw Hikaru holding Shoon's hand up! >___< NOO!!!!!!!!!! It was suppose to be Yamabu!! YAMABU!! where is the YAMABU Love JE?! Not that I dont love Hikaru but it was suppose to be YAMABU!!! T___T
LoL TAIYO! OMG...I could NOT stop laughing! he was soooo HUGE compared to the tricycle! same with Yabu...of course the two shorter ones win T___T;; haha Yabu fell too in the middle of his ride haha
I was really happy to see Shoon dancing and singing with Yamapi! it's giving him more recognition and he even got duet lines with Yamapi!! *^^* I agree with you...Yamapi and Shoon's voice blended the best together =] cause they werent overpowering each other with their voices...=] Shoon should sing more!! YEY! I can't wait till next weeks SC~!!

rin_3 said...

Taiyo is just <3 XD ASDFGHJKL
I died because of him XDDD lol

Shoon's hyperness is just XD <3
Yabu looks a bit tired no? >_<
And shoon - ballerina? XDD

lol. <3

Mai-chan said...

sorry for what i think in last comment..
Shoon doesn't seems so bored and tired anymore after i watched all of these clips

his spinning around is so CUTE!!
i haven't seen him being hyper for so long...
after his dancin happily around and embarrasing Yabu in YA3 episodes..
i think that none of his hyperness appeared until this!! LUV IT!!

i'm also wonder where is his strenght???
start thinkin since i fisrt watch him runnin.. and now this..
at least, he shouldn't be slip XD
i'm dreamin of wonderful shoon juz like in Pride Summer GP 2005
anyway, he's still wonderful

and Pi!!
wot happens to him??
he looks so fat
*more than anyone in JE i've ever seen*
and his hair looks a little bit old

*last thing*
JE did this to Yabu for many monthes
then... was Taiyo
(in NYCON his hair was still black and first appearance of his new brown hair is in the YA3, bowiling episode)
and juz now.. i think they did the same to Hikaru too!!
(i'm not sure but his hair in Te wo tsunaide yukô looks browish, may be juz the light...)

that's all for now
thx a lot for sharing

mai-chan said...

*uhh.. somemore askin*

who perform in SUMMARY?
new entered JE?
if that so, is Reon in there???


Sere said...

I really liked this episode of Shone Club XD~~ And I agree completly with you aobu that 'Summary' issue, the girls didn't even noticed that Yabu was there, but look closely, when he passes in front of them the girls seems like they are going to die (and I would totally paralized with prince Yabu passed by next to me XD~), anyways, this song was great ~ I liked the competition too, and laughed so hard at the Shoon dancing (don't know why but when they did I kep thinking of flowers...), I also adored the mini-bike race, with Tayô unable to stand still and/or being able to ride the bike and also Yabu falling down in the middle of the race XD~ so funny~~ And I don't really like Yamapi, but I thought the song he performed with the juniors was great, it was so cool the guest 'sharing' his part of the show with the little kouhais XD~~ I was so an anxious, but Yabu was great and he didn't missed steps (from what I've seen), I get so frustraded when he does, like it was myself doing a mistake, and he always seems so mad at himself after a presentation when he does something wrong, I get so sad for him... Okay, despite my obvious hardcore obsession for prince Yabu I thought it was great they select Shoon for this song, and I agree with you that his voice blended with Yamapi's really well :D
ps: those orange outfits rules

Geri said...


your comments all totally agree with mine XDDD; if you look at my LJ i wrote an utterly LONGGGGGG post about this Shokura because it was so awesome that i had to write about everything! >D

i really liked how they mixed the juniors together for the Boken medley, especially how Shoon and Tsuka-chan got to start it off with those flips (^^) and Yabu/Takaki/Arioka/Goseki singing Summary was awesome too~ i love how the audience went crazy when Takaki popped out of nowhere, he's getting a lot more love these days (^__~) but in response to what Yui said, i also noticed that none of the girls even reacted when Yabu came down the stairs, but when he finally got down the stairs and past the audience there was that group of girls in the front row who were spazzing XDD

TE WO TSUNAIDE YUKOU.....OMG. DX this performance was probably like the only thing that made this Shokura less cute. the fact that they CHANGED THE ORDER [okay, maybe that's just the Yamabu fan in me ¦D] was so not cool!! but then again, my Yamabu and Hikaiyo-biased brain was leading me to believe that Taiyo looked kind of sad in the beginning of the song, and also that Shoon was kind of sad also, because in the other performances of this song when the camera zoomed in on Shoon and he noticed, he'd be smiling while singing. but this time he kinda just looked at the camera and then looked away [to the left ;D]. <----bias bias bias!!! XDDDD;;;;

the Jr. no Miracle Daisakusen was TOO CUTE BEYOND WORDS!!! :D i loved Shoon's little twirling in the circle thing, and i felt so bad that Taiyo and Yabu fell over while riding their tricycles~ but it was so cute x]

OMG KISS DE TSUTAETE = ♥x473740572950925...! i swear i must have watched that part over and over again XD i love the fact that all of the juniors were wearing their new outfits, especially Shoon and Yabu with the "firemen outfits" as you called them XD and that blue suit outfit that Takaki was wearing *o* JJE looked so mature when they were all onstage wearing them later in this SC~ but the song!!! <3 i also noticed how Shoon's voice blended well with Yamapi's voice, and when the two of them were singing together i was like YAMASHITA SQUARED!!! 8D *dork* but i think i pretty much died from this song.....due to the fact that i was pretty much staring at Shoon everytime he was onstage and *o* his dancing never fails to make me faint.

i have the feeling that this comment is going to be kinda long (^___^;) sorry about that xD;

fatalblue said...

The fourth clip was so amusing! shoon looked so cute dancing like that! >< but poor taiyo XD there was no way he was winning that contest, it's a wonder he was actually able to eventually get on the bike and stay on it without falling over^^;;

I second the the rest in how much I like "kiss de tsutaete". Exquisite is a good adjective for discribing shoon. I haven't been in the ya3 fandom for long but from what i've seen shoon's dancing is alwalys so graceful and smooth. That flip he did in "summary"...beautiful! I found yabu's quite entry down the stairs of the audience very sexy....not sure way...