March 21, 2007

another debut sign?

This is exciting and really interesting: Ya-Ya-yah have several pages in the May issue of Popolo, a magazine in which they hadn't been featured before. Hmmm... another debut sign? ;-)
Also, kudoz to the magazine photographer for realizing that Shoon and Yabu are totally OTP. XD These pics of them together are so amusing! LOL I love Yabu's cheeky, almost defying "Nan da yo?" [なんだよ] in the first one (it means something like an irritated/impatient "what?" that would be an equivalent of "what do you want?/do you have a problem?"), and Shoon's expression is priceless. XDDD The one below is so awkward and cute at the same time. ^^B And the second one is just the best thing ever with Yabu leaning on Shoon and this silly look on his face as if he were thinking "Oh, God this is a miracle! I finally get some shoots with Shoon!" XDDDD [pics scanned from Popolo by ZANSANHANE]
And there's more! Yabu "punching" Shoon in the most girly manner XD (totally reminds me of girl punches in manga saying "kyaa, you pervert!" XDDD) and both looking distracted ("eh?" "huh?") ...or more likely trying to distract us from the fact that Yabu's hand is on Shoon's knee (naughty, naughty! XDDD) [pic scanned from Popolo by ZANSANHANE]
The Myojo scans are awesome too, but I don't want to spoil them for you. =)
PS: Apologies to keifuXueda for not having posted your mp3 rip yet and to Yui (I owe you a couple of e-mails).


Sue said...

Thanks for scans!!! i can't wait for the Ya-ya-yah debut!!! >_<

YUI said...

about the emails, take your time... really<3 By the way, i received my "jin" tama already<33333 and really, my friends mistaken that i like jin. I had to spend time explaining to them it's SHOON~~~~~~ *hearts*

And MYOJO!!!!!!! *dies*
i bought the mags today and i lost my control in public. I swore to myself that i WILL NOT grin like a mad woman alone. But seriously... SHOON AND THE CHICKS = TOO MUCH! look at his expression! it's too much love... his eyes can talk<3 Shoon is just so gentle (it reminds me of an episode of YA3 in april 2006, the one that shoon, hika and koyama goes to the zoo and it's about the rat, do you have any impression of it?)~ that theme in MYOJO photoshot suits him very much!

LOL! I KNEW IT! you were the first that comes into my mind when i was flipping through popolo. XD yamabu... Anyway, this DEFINITELY IS A SIGN OF DEBUT~ haha! the profile in popolo... is so adorable~ XDD Oh, the other time hikaru and yabu's not around... they actually went to new york. XD

and in myojo, there's an extra booklet that has japanese fangirls asking them questions and the particular boy answers~ Someone asked why shoon had the nickname 'MAYO' and he said he didnt know why. Just someday in primary 6, he went to school and his friends started calling him MAYO. ended. LOL!!<3 that is how MAYO came along!<33

chookie said...

the pictures are just so cute. I remember when i asked my mum to get me a magazine with johnnys boys and she got me popolo and i was really depressed when ya ya yah werent in it exept for one tiny face of theirs in one corner or something. So yay for ya ya yah in popolo and hope that they debut!!