March 06, 2007

April Duet, Potato, and Wink Up

The April issues are all awesome! *___* Why? Well, for one thing Shoon shows again that he doesn't need to appear bare-chested to look sexy...
Also? Yamabu may be a figment of my imagination, but they're the best looking "couple" EVER. XD Ignore Yabu's ugly sports jacket and even uglier shirt and trousers.
And Shoon... HOW ON EARTH CAN PEOPLE SAY HE'S JUST AN AVERAGE LOOKING GUY?! @__@ Good God, can you get any more beautiful? *___*
Need more reasons why the April issues are awesome? I'll tell you a secret: in slash fiction most people see Shoon as uke (the feminine one) and Yabu as seme (the masculine one), but to me it's always been the other way around. In fact I think one of the reasons why they're such a great pairing is that with them those roles are quite interchangable. Yabu has a very boyish attitude, but a rather femenine figure, and Shoon has a very masculine appearance, but also femenine features and a somewhat femenine personality. So, yeah, everybody calls Yabu "Prince Yabu", but he can also be "Princess Yabu in distress". XD On another note... somebody should tell the magazine stylist that buttoning the first button of your shirt is not stylish at all... nor is that shirt. ^^U
And yes, Shoon can be handsome and cool, but also pretty and delicate.
Esther and other Shookaru fans will be happy with April's issues as well. I'm not. T___T She'll forever tease me with the pics below. Oh, well, I'm still happy that we get more "graduation" pics (though for some reason this one looks more to me like a bachelor's party XDDD).
Changing the subject... Isn't it amazing what a difference clothes can make? For instance Taiyô looks his age in the pic on the right, but looks totally cool in the one on the left.
To download scans from the April issues of these magazines (credits to the wonderful Zansanhane, from LJH), click here.
PS: I'll try and answer all your comments as soon as I find the time. ^^B


alei said...

u have truely made my day <3 seeing those pics of Taiyo and the other <333 Thanks so much !! (^^)

MayMay said...

dang shoon does look cute! haha
i really like thast hikaru picture
where he is in the purple background
thanks for the pictures!

keifuXueda said...

omg...omg...omg...THANK YOU SO MUCH! xD Shoon looks amazing!!! oh god...words cant even describe his beauty...T__T!!!*tears of Joy* I can't stop gawking like a moron at his pics!! >__< I feel like he's starting to look a little older, especially in that hairstyle!! and Yabucchi...WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?! IS YOUR STYLIST ON CRACK?! lol I mean Yabu looks lovely =] but omg...that shirt...and those trousers...i dont mind the shiny jacket as much (see what shiny JE suits do to normal people???) lol but his hair is kinda bothering me...maybe it's just me...
but anyways...SHOON!!! OMG! haha those pics do look like a bachelor's party ne...haha lol in the pic where they are holding him up it looks like Taiyo isn't carrying Shoon at all...hahaha xD

anyways~! Thanks for the pic!!! (sorry for ranting *bows* I get excited when Shoon I see Shoon and Yabu =D)

YUI said...

OMG. *drops jaw*
luckily i'm going down to get the mags today. i'll scream my lungs out~ the first picture is AWESOME! it's so gorgeously SEXY. T^T

i still have lots to comment. but have no time due to exams. T^T will be back to comment! XDD

j-melody said...

this is the super best YA3 set i've ever ever see!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! shoon looks so cool and handsome!!

i must save my money to buy this
oh!! Irea, u make me crazy again haha!!

Rin said...

Thanks for sharing!
They all look so good!
(Though I think Yabu really needs a haircut ^^; )
I think Taiyou's the most photogenic. He always looks so good.

Shoon looks as good as ever too. His beautymark on his neck really stands out in that first picture.

Thanks again for sharing!


Geri said...




that was a great first picture to see when i open the page XDDDD it's funny cuz i always look at your site after school in our library, and when i spazz over something my friends start looking at me like i'm crazy 8D

thank you for sharing, as usual :]

*goes back to stare at Shoon some more* ♥ (^^)

gosh i wish i could go to Kinokuniya and buy these magazines now D: too bad i have no money! xD April needs to come faster so i can be in Japan already~ =]

Yuki said...

I swear, I nearly had a heart attack when I first opened the page! lol That's absolute teasing from him!! and I abosolutely ADORE that trench coat he's wearing!

I liked how taiyo looked in the "cool" picture one lol mainly his hair though. it looks kind of weird when its pushed backed like that in the brown striped shirt.

you know... I really want one of the magazines to make them wear dresses lol I want to see how pretty they look lol (-_- probably prettier then me though lol)

Shin said...

Hey hey!! OMG!!! the pic of shoon is nose bleeding material!! lol... those photoshoots are the best i have seen in a long time... i dunno which magazine to get now >_<... can you help me? which one should i get the Duet or winkup? i was think of winkup coz it has stickers i think it does... anyways thank you soo much for sharing the pics!!! all i need to do is decide lol.. thanks again!

YUI said...

Irea! haha! there's more shookaru in the interview of that pic you mentioned (Potato) LOL! i'm gonna post the translation as soon as i complete them... but it's FUNNY! XD

Anonymous said...

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