March 14, 2007

live stage and comments

[To Lily]: I've uploaded Cool Edit Pro for you: click here. It's a 19MB zipped file. How to install it: 1) unzip all the files in the zip to one folder, 2) click on "cepsetup.exe" to install the program and 3) click on the folder called "crack" and click on "cep2reg.exe". Hope you'll find it easy to use. If you have any doubts e-mail me.
[To K-chan]: If you can't view the live stage download this player and try to watch it with it. It plays almost any video file type. =)
Fiona hasn't uploaded yet the show from last weekend (2007.03.11), but she had uploaded a high quality version of the live stage. ^__^ I've uploaded it to Daily Motion for those of you who haven't seen it yet, and I've uploaded it to Media Fire: .001 .002 .003 I'll add these links to the videos section as soon as I have the time. ^^
Each of them had a "solo" part, and then the four of them sang together Itoshii no Playgirl at the end. I use the quotation marks because a couple of JJE members did backsinging for each of them. Hikaru sang Start, Shoon SummerxSummerxSummer, Taiyô Kaze ni Notte, and Yabu HaruxNatsuxAkixFuyu.
I don't get why did Shoon sing Summerx3. ?__? I mean, all the other songs in the medley were old original Ya3 songs, and Summerx3 is quite recent. I would have liked him to sing Himawari no Melody, which is one of my faves. In fact the blue-white outfit he wore... I call those outfits the "Himawari outfits" because the first time I saw them wearing those was when they performed that song on SC. I used to like them, but not so much anymore. ^^ Hikaru's voice didn't mix at all with Takaki's voice. ^^UUU I wish they had let him sing on his own. Taiyô did GREAT! ^____^ I feel so proud of him. And Yabu... it's strange, but HaruxNatsu... didn't sound much different to me now from when he was younger. Why is that? ?__?
Not much more to comment other than... OMG, Shoon's smile! *swoons* I die a little everytime he smiles like that. Loved the fangirls squealing when he smiled. He also seemed more energetic. Must be because his exams are over. XD
I'm so much behind with answering comments that I'm going to try something different today. ^^ Please know that even if I don't answer to each and every comment I do read them ALL. =]
Mai-chan, Kins and many others of you have left comments to tell me you understand the necessity of the changes I've decided to make on this blog, and I wanted to thank you all for that. ^___^ I already feel a bit less stressed.
Alice tells me she prefers the "chibi" version of the old songs they sang on the latest live stage because they had more energy. Well, I guess, you're right, but wouldn't it be scary if the guys had now the same energy they had when they were kids? XD She also tells me she and her cousin started writing a Yamabu fic one day when they were bored. Please finish it and post it on some Ya3/JE related community! Yamabu needs more love! ^^B
Some of you, like Mei, Chookie, Geri, and others have told me you too dislike the ranks thing, but others, like 神ちゃん and Sohee think I was exaggerating a little on that entry... which I guess I was. XD Um, yeah, I'm a bit passionate sometimes when stating my opinions, so when I write things like "I truly, truly hate the way JE divides the guys into ranks" I actually mean it pisses me off a little, but it's not like I can't sleep at night thinking of it or something. ^^ Perhaps it's because I'm Spanish that I'm a passionate person? I don't know. XD
Sometimes I've wondered if the ranks thing would bother me just as much if Shoon was pimped as much as Yabu and Hikaru are. I mean, I ask myself "does it bother me because I resent my favourite johnny is not getting enough attention?". Well, no I think it would still bother me. Apart from being passionate I also have a tendency to get fond of underdogs and to feel for those who are treated unfairly. Don't know why is that either. Perhaps because I'm motherly? XD What I mean is that even on those SCs on which Shoon has been pimped more I still felt bad for others like Taiyô or Question (who by the way are working on a musical now, aren't they? I felt happy for them when they announced it on the Ya3 show ^___^). Yui agrees with me on this, and tells me she would be feel just as bad for Yabu and Hikaru if one day JE stopped pimping them. (To Yui: about HanaKimi... do you really like senior Nan better than Jian? Jian is much cuter! ^^B)
Also, Gladys (hey there, long time without hearing from you! ^^BBB) comments on how unfair it is that a certain junior might be among the favourites for some time and then that changes all of a sudden. So true! There are quite a few examples of that, like Ikuta Toma, or Ya-Ya-yah-wise... Akama Naoya. He was pimped as much as Yabu when they were kids, but he grew up, his voice broke and... bye-bye Akama. ^^U
Yuki wonders how do the juniors feel about this ranks thing, if the ones who are not very popular might feel discouraged. Well, my opinion is that of course they must feel bad about it. I doubt they're jealous of those with a higher rank, but after all they are all working just as hard. Taiyô seems quite resigned, but Shoon gets moody when he doesn't get to do much. If I were in his place so would I.
Still on the topic of ranks... Cherryberry wonders if anybody knows where she can learn more about the meaning of colours in Japan. Any ideas? It would be interesting indeed to learn more about that. =]
Lily wants to know how to rip an mp3 out of a video clip. Well, I use a program called Cool Edit Pro 2.1, which I'll gladly upload for you as soon as I finish uploading last Sunday's live stage which I'm uploading now, okay? =) Please check back later.
Kins has noticed that a few of the birthdates on the calendar are wrong. I hadn't noticed it because the only birthdates I know by heart are those of Ya-Ya-yah, but yes, I've heard other people point that out as well. By the way, if someone wants the whole calendar, I uploaded it to Mediafire for somebody a few days ago - click here.
Ya-Ya-yah unrelated, but Shin tells me she's hoping for a sequel of HanaKimi. So am I! T___T It was such a great drama! (My sister is totally crazy for Wu Chun! LOL She wrote a message on his blog and left her e-mail, telling him to please, come and visit Spain. XDDD)
About the April issues of Duet, Potato, and Wink Up, Rin comments on how Yabu needs a haircut... and I heartily agree XD and on how Taiyô is on her opinion the most photogenic. I think so too. =] I think Shoon is the best looking of the four, but he's not as photogenic as Taiyô.
Thanks also to Sere, May-May, Alei, and KeifuxUeda for your comments!! ^^BBB


Alice said...

Ahh, I've finished ^_^

It's in my journal-->
It says the author is Kiera, but I just go by my nickname on LJ. I've already posted it in the Ya-Ya-yah comm. Enjoy ;)

K-chan said...

Hi, i downloaded the files but my windows media cant play it =S and the file is unknown for some reason =( is there a program that can play it?

kins said...


i LOVE this super high quality version~~

i like the part when they were in 1 line. thn they hand to do the hand thing? thn the last person in line was inoo and he point out instead of going down.. (errms,you what imwhat im trying to say??) tt part was nice. (: i actually slowed the video down to see that part.

THANKS for uplaoding via MF yea? slowing down the video helps me to see the various jrs. and Shintaro really improved in the area of dancing.

yup. THANKS. (: have a pleasant day!

Geri said...

THIS LIVESTAGE IS SO CUTE <3 i loved it when Takaki got to sing by himself :] and Shoon!!!! KYAAA HE SMILED!!! *dead* ♥ XDDD and waaa TAIYO YOU ARE AWESOME <3 i agree though, Yabu singing Haru Natsu sounded pretty much the same as when he was younger XDDD
yay HQ version!! (^^) thanks~~

oo, and also about the calendar scans XD; i tried going to Happy Town but just ended up getting really confused since it said there was nothing there [from what i translated] thanks for uploading the scans :] i swear, i spazz everytime i look at the scans cuz they're SO CUTE!!! XD this is probably like the first thing i'm going to buy when i get to Japan, or if by some miracle i go to Japantown before April. (o^^o)

KYAA HanaKimi!! XDDD this weekend i am soooo going to start watching it :] yay Wu Chun!! <3 (^^)v

mai-chan said...

after i check my inbox and find ur update notification, that makes me so happi!!! ^^

i wanna dl all of this live but huh!! my 56.6 kbps dial up gonna kill me
i cant even watch a dailymotion clip ToT

so miss my university internet, at there i can dl the livestage less than a min !!

is the time for debut annoucement coming??
i cant wait until that
*praying for the YA3*

PS* i'm now working with the mp3 sharing blog ^^
and the YA3 is apparently win the vote(beat even WaT, w-inds! WOW!!)

YUI said...

HAHA! yes of course.
i think i like pretty boys and senior nan seems prettier to me. LOL!!

anyway... i understand *pats*
SHOON'S SMILE! OMG... *cringes* I actually like him singing summerx3 cause i love that song alot. Isn't that the first song shoon had a line in?! xDDD LOL!

Mina said...

Thank you very much for the calendar scans.
Taiyo is model material. He has the height and the look but just needs the attitude and maybe the walk XD. He's just awkward sometimes, but aren't most models awkward? Although, he's really good at posing and like you said, he's very photogenic. I don't think he's ever had a bad picture.
Anyways, I love your site. You spoil us with HQ videos. I can't believe I use to watch Ya3 in LQ.
Thank you and take care ^_^!

Anonymous said...

Great video!! but I was wondering if you can make that an mp3 rip plz??

keifuXueda said...

AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN~! xD you saved my day! lol i LOVE that perf =] it's so cute how SHOON SMILED! ^^ hehe i'm so happy now...xD
Oh yes, and thank you for the calendar pics!!
If you would like the mp3, i ripped it from the video~! if you want me to e-mail you the link or something i would be more than willing to do that for you so you can add it to your TV show perfs. in your mp3 section!

Rin said...

Thanks as always!

My brother commented that Taiyou only actually got to sing two lines here. (Taiyou's his fav) It's a pity, but at least he got to sing ^^

I had kinda hoped they'd be able to sing by themselves... but it's always a pleasure to see Inocchi again!

Shoon's smile is so silly. I love it! Makes me grin too. ^^

K-chan said...

Thank you irea but then Mai-chan told be about it before you did XD but still, thank you anyways ^^ When i watched the video, it seems that Taiyo has gotten more taller XD